Where Did I Go?

Life has been insane. We were going to buy a house with a VA Loan, then that fell through. Now, we are (hopefully) buying a different (better, but more expensive) house.

I promise details as soon as I have a chance PLUS I’ll select the winner of the book for the November Carnival PLUS I’ll try to get the carnival running again soon.


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  1. Pete Moss says:

    Please do not add so much, this makes my brain tired.

    In Holistic Health,
    P Moss

  2. I’m glad all is well – sorry to hear about the house issue, but hope all works out with the new one. I was kinda worried when I was coming in for new Carnival themes and you weren’t here. One never knows what the problem could be with a mil family. *phew!* Good luck with the house.

  3. Chaotic Mom says:

    I hope your home search went well. ;)