Pregnancy Week 5: Peeing on a Stick

So, I was half hoping I was pregnant and half hoping that maybe we could wait a few more months, settle into our new house, and then start trying again. But I just had this funny feeling that I was pregnant.

The weekend before I found out, hubby took us out to a Greek restaurant. We love it there–great meat dishes for him, great vegetarian food for me, and baby can eat just about everything on the menu. Just as I walked in, I felt a sudden acid reflux (which I never get) and thought, I must be pregnant.

I was planning to take the test in the morning with Cpt. Dad around–but wouldn’t you know it? Little Diva decided to sleep in curled up on the bed with me. So, by the time we woke up, he had left for work. We went into the bathroom so I could take the test and sure enough: Pregnant.

I couldn’t wait to tell my husband! With our first child, I found out I was pregnant two days after he deployed to Iraq and gave birth two days before he came home on mid-tour leave. This time, I did not want to tell him over the phone. This time, the whole experience would be in person.

I told my girl that there was a small baby growing inside mommy and that she was going to be a big sister. When I said, “Big Sister,” she pointed to herself, and, “little baby,” to my stomach. Not even sixteen months’ yet, and already she’s my big girl!

We were hoping to tell Daddy together, but he did not come home until past her bedtime, so we made a little “Big Sis” sign and put it on the bedroom door. When Cpt. Dad arrived home, I told him our daughter had a message for him and to check the door. It was all I could do to stifle the giggle!

Then I heard, “Really?” And, “Are you sure?” (that was his reaction last time, too)

Week 5 is, of course, rather uneventful if everything is going well. It is hard to resist the urge to keep taking pregnancy tests because the whole thing seems rather unreal in the beginning.

I did start feeling pretty tired, and thirsty, right away. Those were my two main first trimester symptoms last time, as well.

Because I was still breastfeeding my little girl, I was still on Prenatal Vitamins and not drinking more than a glass of wine here or there. Abstaining from wine and beer for the first trimester is no hardship, though I do love to go tasting and we are right in wine country here, but the biggest sacrifice is giving up blue cheese. Boy do I love myself a nice stinky, moldy piece of cheese! Fortunately, there are plenty of pasteurized cheeses that are less risky for me to enjoy.

Since it was early December, we decided to wait until Christmas to break the news to family and friends–what a fun present! I’ll explain how we shared the news in my next catch up post.

I’m in Week Eleven right now, playing catch-up with my online friends. Check out Conception Preparation and Pregnancy Week 4.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Congrats! How exciting! I love that you got “Big Sis” involved in telling your husband… :)

  2. boob mom says:

    So glad your husband was here this time around – these are the moments you remember for ever and ever.

    When I told my husband the test was positive, he said “Told you.”

  3. Jenniloo says:

    Diva’s response was so cute! And I love the way you told your husband. Glad you got to share it in person. = )

  4. Dana Bee says:

    What a fun way to tell your hubby! It’s such an exciting time! I’m glad you’re enjoying it!