Pregnancy Week 6: Telling the Doting Grandparents

The big excitement of this pregnancy is being able to share the experience with family in person.

With Baby Diva, I had to e-mail Cpt. Dad (who was in Kuwait, headed to Iraq) and ask him to telephone. He responded, “While the AT&T calling centers are all closed, the MWR phone access is still available, but the lines are interminable. E-mail is the best way to communicate right now.”

“Love,” I repeated, “If you can call, please do. More in a bit.” If he did not respond to that e-mail, I was going to attach pictures of the pregnancy test to a blank e-mail. He finally did wait on the telephone line for four hours to call me at 2:00 am their time–and he admitted it was worth it.

When he said, “Hello, Love,” I answered, “Hello, Daddy”

He asked, “Why do you say that?”

I replied, “Well…I think you had better get used to being called, ‘Daddy.’”

He was so cute…he kept asking, “Are you sure? How sure are you?” Oddly enough, he had the same reaction this time!

As memorable as it was to tell my husband we were having a baby as he prepared to enter a combat zone, I am happy I was able to tell him in person this time.

The grandparents, being half way across the country were also told via Bell’s invention.

This, time, however, we had the joy of sharing our news face to face with the family. My in-laws host an annual tree trimming party on the Sunday before Christmas and my parents were joining in the fun.

We gathered all four grandparents together and handed them each a present to open. I stole this idea from a friend. The gift was a double photo frame. The left side had a sweet picture of Baby Diva (is there any other kind?) and the right side had a note with a graphic of stork:

Photograph on Backorder
“Expecting Delivery”
August 20, 2008

I heard my mother-in-law reading the note in a slightly confused tone, then my mother hyperventilating, then my mother-in-law exclaimed, “Oh!” Hugs and congratulations all around of course.

I’m in Week Thirteen right now, playing catch-up with my online friends. Check out

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  1. Bastet says:

    That is really sweet! I might have to borrow your idea…the first time around we did baby bibs with a cute poem. It was a huge hit with the grandparents!

  2. Congratulations! That is a cuuuute idea! If the twins ever become big brothers, I might have to steal that idea. It’s not copyrighted is it? lol