Pregnancy Week 7: Parents Don’t Get Sick Days

Following our fun announcement to the grandparents and a lovely Christmas, I came down a nasty, nasty cold that developed into a sinus infection.

During this sickness I learned a few things:

1. Parents of small children don’t get sick days.

I already knew this, but being sick, with a toddler, and pregnant really drove this home. Fortunately, we were staying at my in-laws and my mother in law is a teach who was still on vacation. Because there was a period of about 24 hours during which I could not function.

2. You should always have a family doctor.

We were still in the process of a move and so I had neither ObGyn nor family practitioner. You try getting a walk-in appointment on New Year’s Eve Day, an hour and a half from where you are staying, when you don’t even have a primary care physician.

3. I cannot rely on my memory from the last pregnancy.

I took Advil, which turns out to be a no-no. Fortunately, it looks like it is mainly an issue in the third trimester. Still, it is not recommended for pregnant women unless they are advised to use it by a doctor. I would not have made this mistake last time around. Last time around I would have checked, Dr. Sears, the Internet, and the nurse’s line. Of course, it didn’t help that I still hadn’t found an ObGyn at that point.

4. I should NEVER put my rings in my jeans’ pocket.

Especially when I’m running a fever. Apparently I placed my wedding band and my engagement ring in my pocket while sick and then rolled up the jeans. My husband brought me my jeans and unfolded them as he handed them to me and I saw my band fall to the ground.

Thus commenced the 12 hour search for the engagement ring. The engagement ring my one true love gave to me. The engagement ring that belonged to his great grandmother. Yeah. Uh-huh.

My husband was pretty sure that the ring MUST be in the house because I had rolled my jeans up in order to protect the rings–which would indicate that I took the rings off right before undressing to go rest.

I was worried that in my fever-addled state, I had been uncomfortable with the rings on and placed them in my pocket at the doctor’s office. The pocket out of which I was fishing tissues all day. Tissues which were periodically emptied into various garbage cans, including those at the doctor’s office.

Fortunately we located the ring on a towel in the room where we were staying, but not before my superhero husband fished through his family’s garbage cans. Yeah, he deserves some sort of medal for that.

I’m in Week Fifteen right now, playing catch-up with my online friends. Check out:

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  1. Tere says:

    It could be difficult. Good luck

  2. Dette says:

    OMG – you must’ve been wiggin’ when you couldn’t find your ring. I did the same thing yesterday, actually – lol, and found my rings and my watch in my jacket pocket.

    I grabbed them on the way out intending to put them on, but clearly, my memory isn’t serving me very well either. ;)

    Don’t you wish Blogger offered the comments link for feeds?! Aarrgghhhhh…

    Hope u are feeling better soon. :)

  3. Nicki says:

    Wow, just about everyone I know has been very sick lately! This winter is killing us isn’t it!

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