You’re a Superstar, That is What You Are…

Baby Diva had her 18 Month well baby appointment and, except for a little eczema, all looks great!

Vital Stats: Her weight had plateaued for a while and was making me slightly concerned. After all, this child had been riding the 90th percentile curve since month one, then suddenly stopped gaining weight at about a year. She was 21 lbs at 9 months and then barely gained anything over the next half a year. I feel like I am feeding her non-stop, though, and all signs point to a happy, well-fed baby, so I wasn’t too nervous. Well, this visit showed she added a little more weight: she is 24.5 lbs (60th percentile for weight and 75th percentile in height). The delicious pudge is fading and my little girl is turning into a bean pole! The doctor also said she is incredibly big and healthy looking for a tet baby.

Diet: We went through all the usual stuff–and the new pediatrician thankfully did not even blink when the response to “And how long did you breastfeed?” was, “Until about two weeks ago.”

Yes, the Diva has weaned. I suppose as I finish up the first trimester my milk changed taste. She had already dropped down to about two feedings a day (sometimes more, sometimes less) and then a couple of weeks ago, she just decided she was “all done” (her second favorite sign after “more”).

Next came the developmental milestones.

Words: tons. She says bowl, book, cat, up, mama, dada, papa, bad (in association with aforementioned cat), duck, lots of animal sounds, blue (to summon her favorite food, blueberries), no (so it begins…), and a bunch more. She generally prefers signing to words when she knows a sign, and has started to form mini sentences in sign language (“more book please,” being her favorite, closely followed by “more cheese please”).

Fork and spoon: insists on it.

Walking, running, climbing, and generally making mommy twitch: oh, boy, yes.

Language recognition: absolutely. She knows the names of everything in the house and she can bring you specific books if you ask (I am assuming she is recognizing the cover picture and not reading…heh).

Following simple directions: for a while now. In fact, she is following two-step directions. At this, the pediatrician actually looked surprised and exclaimed, “she’s a developmental superstar.”

So, now her official medical diagnoses include “chronically cute” and “a superstar.”

Okay, I know that hitting milestones a little fast or a little slow is meaningless at this stage. Anything within the normal range is, well normal. But I can’t help but enjoy that a little. Don’t worry, I won’t start bragging at playgroups (I’ll leave the real bragging to the experts…the grandparents)…but I get to be a little proud on my blog, right???

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  1. Kailasmom says:

    Sounds like you have an amazing little girl there. Wonderful update (:

  2. mod*mom says:

    yay big sister baby diva!

  3. paxmeow says:

    congrats on a superstar cutie and another on the way! this age is so fun, my 17 month old twins are saying all sorts of words (more from my daughter, but my son is working on a few too) and it’s outrageously adorable.

  4. amygeekgrl says:

    heck yeah you’re entitiled to brag! :) sounds like she’s doing just wonderfully and you are too, mama. :) way to go!

  5. crazy4mykids says:

    Awesome! And congragts to you to on the new little one! :)

  6. bellabella says:

    it’s wonderful that you are journaling all of these amazing milestones, because they grow up so fast! congrats on the great report! :)

  7. DawnoftheDay says:

    Thanks for sharing! What a wonderful report from the doctor! Those always make a mama proud! :)

  8. I am still working on weaning my 14 mo. old son. I love going to my kids check ups. It’s nice to hear that baby Diva is doing well! I can’t wait to see your new addition! Your lil’ Diva is so beautiful!! Congrats and keep up the wonderful mothering! Aloha!

  9. ignat62 says:

    Sounds fab!!!!!

  10. LeslieB says:

    Glad she’s doing so well! I can’t believe that little baby I met is now a little GIRL!! :)

  11. Jenniloo says:

    Thats awesome! “More cheese please” LOL… that made me smile. What a cutie.

  12. kiki36 says:

    Great news all around!

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