Mother’s Day Gift Guide and Earth Day Eco-Friendly Products Gift Guide

I just wanted all my wonderful military blogosphere friends to know about two guides (with coupons and contests) I put up on my baby gear blog.

We’ve got a Mother’s Day Gift Guide with all sorts of chic, funky, and hip picks (most within a reasonable budget), coupon codes, and contests (including one just for bloggers).

And I’m really proud of our Earth Day Eco-Friendly Products and Tips Guide, which you can use all year ’round, of course! There are contests on that one, most expiring in the next few days, and lots of coupons, so check it out:

My close friend and Mamanista business partner just gave birth to a whopping 9 lb. 13 oz. baby boy so I have been spending most of my blogging time keeping that site going…but there will be more milblogging, soon!

Enjoy Earth Day…I remember Ft. Hood had some fun celebrations!

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