Patronizing, Sexist, But Right

I grew up in suburban New York and learned EXCELLENT parallel parking skills. I prided myself on being a good, if somewhat aggressive young driver. When I moved to Cambridge, I had plenty of opportunity to perfect the parallel park.

Then, we left for Texas for four years and I can’t parallel park worth a darn anymore. Unfortunately, I need to parallel park every time I visit our public library.

So, I have to admit it was not entirely without cause that a middle aged gentleman approached my car as I struggled, for the third time, to ease my car into an embarrassingly large space between two cars.

I hoped, somewhat shamefully, that he was going to direct me off the low curb onto which I had pulled and into a better position.

Instead, he opened with, “Has anyone ever taught you how to parallel park.”

“Well, yes sir, but I’ve quite lost the skill.”

He then starts to explain the procedure…which I already know. I can remember that, just not how to implement it properly.

Here I am, running late for toddler time (having had great difficulties locating my purse that morning), one wheel up on the sidewalk, and he’s explaining what I could read in any manual.

What’s worse, he’s chuckling and lacing his instruction with “poor baby”…in reference to me, not the two year old strapped in back.

The most horrible part of all was that he was right. My parking was terrible and I clearly needed a refresher.

At that point though it was all I could do to smile politely and not “accidentally” run over his foot. Oops. Silly me.

PS–I went hunting for an image and found this parallel parking game.

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  1. It’s difficult to find well-informed people about this topic,
    but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks