Babies Sleep Safest Alone…NOT!

Right now I’m pretty P.O.’ed.

I saw a commercial for this trash about how “babies sleep safer alone.” The campaign is NY-based, but in searching for the site, I found that they have similar campaigns in a bunch of states.

What is so aggravating is that it is patently false. Co-sleeping when done safely reduces the risk of SIDS.

Honestly, we did not start off as co-sleepers. My daughter slept in a “co-sleeper” side car for a variety of reasons. But at times when co-sleeping worked for us, that’s what we did. So, it is not that I think everyone must do what I do…what is aggravating me is the idea that these government agencies are conducting a campaign of blatant misinformation to scare parents into making decisions that may not be right for their families.

A more honest campaign would be to say: Baby’s sleep space should be free from excess clutter and fabric. If you choose to co-sleep, remove all heavy blankets and excess pillows from the bed. If you use recreational or prescription drugs that may affect your arousal, baby may be safer in a crib. Consult your physician if you have concerns about prescription medications.

I’ll calm down, collect my thoughts, write up a letter and send it here and then post it, but in the meantime, you may also want to see if there is a similar campaign in your state.

You can find more information about Attachment Parenting Practices, including co-sleeping, at the Attachment Parenting Institute. (Thanks to Katja for the reminder)

And as a reward for your hard work, go have a few laughs with these co-sleeping comics.

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