She’s Like a Rainbow

After the highly anticipated first word, comes the flood. When the pediatrician asks for a count, I haven’t one. The child seems to know the word for everything she’s ever seen and rapidly absorbs new ones.

The set of words that seems to amaze all the other parents is the colors. Months ago she mastered red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink, and purple (spoken in two syllables with a mix of awe of and surprise). Now she’s moved onto “hot pink” and light and dark blue. She’s very particular about which color bow she selects every morning and which crayon she uses.

I reassure them that she counts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…1…um…

Although I doubt this has deeper meaning, it can be fun to speculate. Will she be a designer? A decorator? An artist?

Of course, she’s just as likely to become a physicist…but allow me to indulge in my daydreams.

What words are your toddlers into? And what could it mean?

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One comment

  1. elexisb says:

    Sounds like she has an awesome memory. This is like my first daughter. Her memory seems to border on genious. However, it’s selective! She forgets in a split second how she made her little sister cry when I ask what happened! I digress. I’d place my bet on your daughter being very artistic and love coloring and doing art projects for many years to come.