Toddlerism: Do Toddlers Dream of Tiny Sheep?

A tweet from @PHATMommy reminded me of a recent toddlerism:

Baby awoke, clearly from a bad dream. She’s sleeping through the night 95% of the time these days, but she just could not settle back to sleep. We brought her into bed and she was still clearly very upset. So, I tried the direct approach:

Mama: Awww, sweetie…did you have a dream? What did you dream about.

Baby: Lids…not fit on…cups! *sob*

Mama: (trying really hard not to laugh) That must be upsetting. Well, put your head on your pillow and hug Cat-Cat and we’ll go back to sleep.

Where did she get this organization fetish so strong she has nightmares about it? Clearly not from me.

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  1. Robin says:

    Ha! It’s kinda pitiful to think about the nightmares little ones have. My middle child had night TERRORS for about two years; it was impossible to wake him up completely, but he screamed like a banshee! There was an actual diagnosis from his pediatrician that said “night terrors”.

    He never remembered the dreams…but I always wondered what could be so awful.

  2. Mama Luxe says:

    Ugh, night terrors are awful. She had a small rash of those and my understanding is they never remember them. It is like a version of sleepwalking where the mind is asleep, but the body doesn’t fully shut off like it should. Upsetting for the parents but fortunately the kids don’t remember them!

  3. Drea says:

    Hehe! kids are so funny!

  4. yalechk says:

    wow! She is more type A than you or the DH. Certainly more so than either of the godparents! How funny!