Diva the Cute

Diva the Kid is getting cuter everyday.

She likes to go out into her cottage (Little Tikes) and prepare “tea, with honey and milk” for all visitors. She has to “clean” the dishes afterward, though she is a tad miffed about her sink’s lack of actual plumbing. Then we water our mint plant.

Her current favorite book is the “bird book” (a field guide from which Daddy reads every night). She can identify and name cardinals, blue jays, tanagers, various species of ducks (her favorite is the hooded merganser, followed by the Buffalo Head), turkeys, vultures, owls (she prefers the owls “with ears,” but also knows the “no ear owls” like the barn owl and snowy owl), flamingos and assorted others. She knows “Daddy Cardinals are RED, Mommy Cardinals are BROWN…but how ’bout the BABY Cardinals.” How about them, honey? “Baby Cardinals also brown.”

She chats up a storm and is tall and thin like a beanpole. Typical conversations when we are out go like this:

Stranger: “She’s adorable. How old is she? Three?”

Me or Daddy: “Just turned two.”

Stranger: “Does she talk?”

Baby then blurts out some amusing thought in a full sentence, such as “Mommy has Daddy’s wallet and money outside.”

But she’s still working on some of the grammatical nuances. She regularly exclaims in the affirmative, “Yes it do!” regardless of person, gender, or number, which we find quite sweet, and “NOT” when she means “no,” which we find less so.

She’s also a total cheese snob, which we could have predicted from her first taste of cheese.

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