Week 28: GBS Positive

My Group B Strep test came back positive. So, of course, as with everything else, I go into full research mode.

For the most part, Group B Strep does not pass from mother to child, especially in the absence of other risk factors.

Usually, the treatment is to administer penicillin to the mother during labor at least four hours prior to birth.

Fairly straightforward except for a couple of things:

1. I’m concerned about extended labor post-rupture, which is what happened last time. And the hospital has a policy of administering post-natal antibiotics in the NICU, instead of in the room. My intention is to room-in with my baby, barring actual medical emergency.

2. There are also concerns about potential negative effects from penicillin antibiotics used during birth to combat Group B Strep.

I contacted my favorite gentle parenting blogger and asked if she had any information, resources, or advice. She forwarded some information from a midwife friend of hers who also recommended this article: The War on Group B Strep.

What I’m doing right now is using some herbal supplements to boost my immune system. I checked these with my midwife and she said they would not harm me or the baby and would not interfere with the antibiotics assuming I choose to take them.

If I either do not arrive at the hospital in time, have extended rupture, or refuse antibiotics, she said they would watch the baby carefully and possibly do a blood test in case of any concerns.

Although I feel the risk of a Group B Strep infection is very small, and there are risks from the antibiotics, right now, I am planning on taking the antibiotics assuming there is time.

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