When First We Practice to Deceive

I know toddlers lie.

Probably because they are confused, embarrassed, scared, or just haven’t learned not to yet.

What I was not expecting is that a 24 month old child could actual practice the art of deception with a complex ruse.

My husband had planned to come home for lunch and mentioned his visit to our daughter. Then he got stuck at work. I broke the news to Daddy’s Girl and she took it fairly well, but casually told me that “Daddy come home for lunch and give baby cookie.”

Generally, she considers fruit dessert, but she had just had her birthday party and various relatives and friends were sneaking her treats.

Normally I would not give her a cookie at lunch but I did not want to disappoint her twice. Since Daddy had said she’d get a cookie, I decided to make good on his promise and give her one.

Later, my husband got home from work and starts playing with baby. Over the monitor, I hear her proclaim, “Mommy give you two cookies at lunch.”

Husband calls out, “Honey, did you give her two cookies?”

I respond, “No, I gave her one…and only because you promised her one.”

Husband replies, “No, I didn’t.”

Already she is playing Daddy and Mommy off each other in such a clever way. What else does she have up her sleeve?

Photo from FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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  1. Happy Panda says:

    ROFL – WOW she is good. Great post.

  2. You’ve been tagged! Come on by the old blog if you want to.

  3. kristina says:

    A while back, someone posted on Momfo that the lying is a sign of intelligence and creativity in toddlers. Plus, they’re not doing it deceptively. They just don’t know. Hey, who can blame a girl for wanting a cookie?

  4. Oh boy…it’s only just begun….I can’t even begin to tell the tales of the things Lily says. I am scared for the teenage years!

  5. Jamie Lee says:

    I’m going to go with Kristina’s assessment that deception at a young age can be a sign of intelligence. It just worries me that my kid may already be smarter than I am.
    My daughter definitely plays me and her dad off each other. We’re recently divorced, so that makes the game even more fun, let me tell you!
    These kids miss nothing…NOTHING!