Military Not Poor, Dumb, and Lazy Says Heritage Foundation

So, in a study that will shock (sarcasm) anyone actually involved with the military…the Heritage Foundation has pointed out that our service members are actually more or less representative of the population in terms of education and family wealth (via Freakonomics Blog on the NYT). This is not news, as it supports prior studies that revealed the same information.

The Northeast is underrepresented, but most enlisted service members hail from middle class neighborhoods and are more likely to have achieved a higher level of education than their civilian counterparts.

So, while statistics can be manipulated, this certainly argues against the idea that the military is an employer of last resort.

As always, the comment are as illuminating as the article. Definitely worth reading through them…


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  1. Penelope says:

    I am a new military spouse and I love your blog! I am happy that the Heritage Foundation confirms what I already know for a quite a few years. I do have to admit, though, that I used to think less of the military. Unfortunately I got that impression through the non-stop negative reports in the media. I recently published a post on my blog about my “change of minds”: