Random Thoughts

Kinda like “Deep Thoughts,” but not as funny.

Junior smells just like his Daddy. No, not the bottom half. The top of his head, specifically, smells just like my husband. And when I breathe in the scent, I’m just flooded with love for both of them.

One of the advantages of having a big baby is that you do not have to worry he was switched at birth…because, y’know, it isn’t like they switched him with the other ten and a quarter pound newborn at the hospital.

I guess the reason I looked like I was carrying twins is because I was carrying the equivalent of two healthy-sized twins.

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  1. momomax says:

    congratulations!!! I can’t believe he was 10 pounds.
    Hope you are well. things are crazy here. but good.


  2. Katy says:

    heehee!! You crack me up.

    When Oliver was born, he was the biggest baby in the NICU. But he had nothing on your little man!