Preschool Curriculum; Welcome March with a Lion and Lamb Weather Calendar

My dear daughter really likes to do an organized project each day. So, if we do not go on a play date or to the library, I try to plan something. Often it is impromptu but lately she’s been calling me on my lack of organization (“Mommy, butterflies in Spring. Not Winter!”).

So, I borrowed a bunch of preschool curriculum books from the library and I’m trying to actually plan things in a semi-thematic and/or seasonal way.

Today is March 1, so we printed a blank March calendar and some Lion and Lamb clipart from The Big Book of Monthly Ideas : Preschool-Kindergarten : The Best of the Mailbox Monthly Idea Books.

(This whole activity is modified from that book.)

I shared the saying, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.”

We talked a little about lions (fierce, strong, roar) and lambs (gentle, friendly, baa) and what type of weather each might represent. Then we selected the right animal for today: lion.

We placed the lion on the calendar day and also wrote down that it was snowy and a high of 35 degrees (note to self to get a thermometer so she can read it herself, instead of me looking it up on the Internet).

We also wrote “Lion Days” and “Lamb Days” at the bottom of the calendar and made a hatch mark next to Lion Days.

Each day we’ll paste the right picture on the calendar and make our hatch mark. At the end of the month, we’ll talk about whether March was more of a lion or a lamb and whether it did in fact come in like a lion and out like a lamb.

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  1. ~ April ~ says:

    Oh what a great idea!!

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    Really, great idea……..

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    Ditto the others!

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