Or the Hounds with Wasps in their Mouths

It’s a curse.

If you are a military wife, as soon as your soldier is deployed, in the field, or on drill, everything falls apart.

This time, it was wasps.

Thousands of wasps.

In my walls.

Last night, I started to notice a few in the den. So, I taped up an open outlet behind the couch. This morning, when I woke up, there were hundreds of them, swarming in my dining room.

And here I thought that frantic buzzing sound last week was our whole house fan. Turns out, no. It was a giant wasp colony.

And finding an exterminator who will come over on a Sunday? Not so easy. I totally and shamelessly plead two young kids plus a husband on Guard duty and finally found someone to take the case.

There is something both hilarious and terrifying about a man in full bee-keeper regalia walking into your house.

Diva the kid got to watch both Professor Parrot AND LeapFrog Talking Words Factory today so I could keep her out of the exterminator’s way.

Once the kids were in bed, I peeked into the dining room and there is now a big hole in the ceiling. What is it about my husband, military duty, and holes in the wall?

Let’s hope that’s it for the MilSpouse Gremlins this time around.

Photo credit: Scarlett: da’ Bee Dog

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  1. Marjorie says:

    Alright, I’m going to have nightmares FOREVER. I hate those things! I really don’t know how you dealt with this with such calm. Or were you maybe not as calm as this post seems?! :)

  2. I was pretty tense, but I wasn’t running around screaming…which is probably good because I hear that just makes the wasps nervous. And I was already nervous enough for all of us.

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