Baby Too Fat for Health Coverage?


They denied a newborn health coverage because the baby is “overweight”? And this baby is breastfed and was a good size at birth, so its weight is completely normal. In fact, a chubby, breastfed baby is likely to grow into a thin, healthy toddler.

This is just absurd. What a stupid company.

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One comment

  1. Val says:

    Yikes, only 17 pounds at 4 months? Both my kids were obese then.

    First kid was 8.13 and son was 10 days early and 9.10. Breastfead only and the healthiest kids EVER. We only go to check ups and my son has been in for illness maybe 10 times in his 11 years. Our insurance company has made a ton off of my family and my OBESE babies.

    OH and they are perfectly average weight now. lol