Best. List. Evah.

I’ve only met Liz from Mom-101 & Cool Mom Picks once, very briefly, but I liked her immediately and she deserves all the kudos she gets. Not only does she write insightful, funny, and touching prose, but she gives back to the blogging community, too.

Now, she’s written a list. A list of mommy bloggers.

WAIT! No really. Hold on a second.

And it is the best mommy blogger list ever. And not just because I’m on it.

No I’m serious. Don’t run away yet.

She manages to skewer the whole list-making, blogger-ranking silliness, while simultaneously giving an irreverent shout out to a bunch of genuine people in all their wacky humanity.

And the best part of all?

All you had to do was ask.

OK…and happen to be following Liz on Twitter last night.

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