Valentines for Veterans 2010 to Benefit Sew Much Comfort

Our veterans have done so much for our country.  They give of their time, energy, and talents and sometimes they make the ultimate sacrifice.  These men and women travel far from their loved ones, not just to fight wars, but to build roads and repair sewers, to rescue victims of natural disasters…to stand strong for those who are unable to defend themselves.

My husband is a veteran of the war in Iraq.  He has served as an Active Duty Field Artillery officer and currently commands a National Guard Battery.  I am incredibly proud of him and all of those who have served with, before, and after him.  I am also so very grateful that he came home to us–to me and his infant daughter–and that he has had the opportunity to see her grow and to add our son to our family.

Some of our veterans have not returned home.  And some who have returned home are severely injured, with long paths to recovery.  Hospitalization and extensive therapy are trying under the best of circumstances.

During National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans Week (February 7-13), you can make a small token of your appreciation for these brave soldiers.  Valentines for Veterans can help boost morale and send the message that we are thinking of those who serve.

With my playgroup, I made some Valentines and I am bringing them to my nearest VA Hospital.

As part of a project with Bloganthropy, I am posting about this effort to earn a donation of clothing for Sew Much Comfort from Dollar Days.

Sew Much Comfort provides adaptive clothing at no cost to support the unique needs of our injured service members from all branches of the military and national guard. This clothing fits around medical devices and prosthetics and gives the service member and medical personnel ready access to injured areas. The adapted clothing allows injured service members to have their clothing appear the same as normal civilian attire; an attribute which helps facilitate a more natural and comfortable recovery. Without adaptive clothing the only option for the service member is a hospital gown.

Through the volunteer efforts of seamstresses and donations of money, clothing and fabric, Sew Much Comfort has been able to provide over 75,000 pieces of adaptive clothing and comfort.

How YOU can help:

  • You can make Valentines for Veterans, too! Locate your nearest VA hospital and call to make sure they can accept your Valentines.  Canada also salutes its vets during this week and has some tips on making Valentines for Vets.
  • Comment: Dollar Days will donate $50 retail value in clothing for this post, plus $50 more if I receive at least 10 comments.  The total donation will be well over $1000 worth of clothing.  So, please comment!  A list of other posts will be posted on Bloganthropy this week.
  • Donate to Sew Much Comfort: Sew Much Comfort provides adaptive clothing free of charge to wounded veterans and is able to do so through generous donations and volunteer hours. Financial donations are always helpful and there is also a list of needed clothing and fabric.  Sew Much Comfort specifically would love to receive t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirt or sweat shirts with logos of local sports teams in any area of the United States (size large is most needed). The wounded soldiers love having sport themed clothing but it is hard to get unless you live in that state.
  • Volunteer with Sew Much Comfort: Sew Much Comfort relies on its 1600+ volunteer seamstresses to make clothing for wounded soldiers–and they can always use another pair of hands. If you know your way around a sewing machine, find out more about volunteering here.
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  1. Your Valentine’s are so gorgeous!! What a great project you put together. Thanks again.

  2. Renee Garcia says:

    My husband is in the Military too! Such a great project! We also made cards for it!!! Thanks for participating! :) I am going to try to send some comments your way!

  3. Linda says:

    Great project! God Bless!! :)

  4. RK says:

    Wonderful project!

  5. Tara says:

    We loved making these and are so glad they are for a good cause. :)

  6. Hope says:

    Great project! And a great cause !

  7. Judy says:

    What a great project! I’m an Army wife with a husband getting ready to deploy to Kuwait in May for a year so these are the best projects to support! Thanks!

  8. Sunnie in NC says:

    This is GREAT!!!

  9. Bobby says:

    What a great project!!!!!

  10. April says:

    Thank you for posting about these great ideas! Our veterans do deserve some TLC this Valentines Day!

  11. Jayn says:

    What beautiful sentiments you contain in your article. I wholeheartedly support Sew Much Comfort, Dollar Days and our troops!


  12. Elise Klink says:

    This is a wonderful program. I had not heard about Sew Much Comfort before. Thanks for all you do!

  13. Kim Gerald says:

    Hey! Happy Valentines Day everyone… Wish you all to have a very sweet moment with your loved ones.

  14. chris says:

    Truly said.
    Being a veteran is a proud thing.
    I will definitely do what i can to contribute in this program.

  15. [...] Sew Much Comfort makes adaptive clothing for the wounded. I personally would never have thought about a need as simple as clothing altered for those who have lost limbs. Read more about this wonderful effort in this post by my friend Candace at Army Wives Lives. [...]