Free Sittercity Membership for All Military Families and Everyone Else Can Save Up to $20

Several years ago, I received a free Sittercity membership to review on and I appreciated the convenience so much that we have since renewed several times on our own dime.

Now, servicemembers of the Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force (active, reserve or guard) and their families now have a Free Membership to Sittercity to help them find the perfect local caregiver for their family. The Sittercity memberships are fully funded by the DoD.

Also, through this program, Sittercity is a national resource for you to find CDH/FCC certified, military subsidized or authorized access to an installation care providers.

This is an invaluable resource for our mobile military families and I am thrilled to share it with you.

Military Families Click HERE to register for your Free Membership to Sittercity

Everyone else — Need a babysitter? Click here and receive a discount up to $20 with promo coupon code SITTERSAVE at

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  1. [...] And Sittercity is military-friendly, too.  They have partnered with the DoD to offer funded Sittercity memberships to military families. [...]

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