Where You AT?

I missed a week of the Military Mondays carnival…and hopefully haven’t completely lost the momentum we were building!

I’m sure you will forgive me once you hear about the drill gremlins, kissing cousins of the deployment gremlins.

Last time it was the thousands of wasps in my dining room.

The first minor catastrophe was my computer screen breaking.  I had a little bit of drama getting that fixed but the main upshot is that getting my work done, let alone blogging, became a bit more complicated.

The far more interesting, and more difficult, incident was when the six year old son of a friend fell off a play structure directly onto my 20 month old baby.

He’s fine.  Breathe.

He was a little upset when it happened but being the mellow little dude he is, he quickly calmed down but indicated that his “kneeeee” hurt.  Instead of taking him to urgent care, I hung out a while longer at the play date, buckled the kids into the car, checked Military Review on my blackberry to see if my husband’s latest article had published (yes!), called the hubby who was on his way to drill to let him know and did not mention the accident (you know you are a military spouse when…), and then took the kids home.

The next day, my baby still wasn’t walking but was pulling himself up. So–and here’s where I win the mother of the year award–NOT! –I took him and his sister to swim lessons.  He proceeded to splash around quite happily.

On the way back, I swung by the doctor’s office because it was Friday and I figured that if it got worse over the weekend, I would have to go to the emergency room.  She concured it was probably just a sprain but, hey, just for laughs, let’s send you over to radiology to make sure it is nothing worse.

To cut a long story less long…eight hours and three co-pays later my darling is wearing a cast for the next three weeks while he heals his “toddler fracture”.

Don’t worry–he’s giggling and running around on the thing like a little peg-legged pirate, trying to earn a matching one on the other leg.

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  1. Michy says:

    Sounds like no fun at all! I would be way stressed out. Glad your baby is alright though! :-)

  2. Mrs. K says:

    Oh no! I hope he’s doing better now. I’ve been MIA in participating with the blog carnival, too. I’ll have to do that next Monday…it’s one of my favortie blog hops!