What Simple Things Make You a Better Parent?

I’m sipping tea right now and thinking about how better I parent when I take just five minutes for myself in the morning. I haven’t always done even that–”me time” falls by the wayside if you have newborns or you do not have family support (either temporarily or long-term). Still, it really does make a difference in how patient and present I am throughout the rest of the day.

Currently I am drinking a mix called “Spring Thunder” from a local tea cottage: Assam and China Green Teas, coconut, and lime and sunflower petals.

In a few minutes I will start slicing fruit to take the kids to a play date. But for just a moment, I am recharging my own batteries.

What’s your cup of tea?

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One comment

  1. Enjoy Birth says:

    Eating M&M’s every afternoon. ;)