Where Would I Go? ANYWHERE!

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Footloose and Child-free

Jungle canopy champagne toasts in Belize, sipping cava with frozen grapes in Granada, Spain, flying in from Mexico City just in time to throw on a formal gown and dash off for a bash at the club in New York City.

Ah, yes, those were my New Years’ Eves pre-offspring.

Rug Rats

Now? My December 31st melts into January 1 as I plant myself on the couch with my husband. We try to remember to pause our movie to switch over to the ball drop. If I’m actually not pregnant (two of the recent New Years’ and the one coming up), we toast with a glass of reasonably priced sparkling wine and then finish our movie and fall asleep. Thrilling.

I know a lot of military families get to travel to interesting and exotic places and become immersed in another culture. We’ve…been to Oklahoma and Texas. Well, being a New Yorker, I suppose those are fairly exotic but please do not take offense if I say I was thinking more…Germany, Italy, even the feared Korea assignment would have been a unique opportunity.

We have taken a few road trips with the kids. And I did win an amazing trip to Lisbon, Portugal, with the hubby and kids (On Twitter of all places! W00T! Or, I suppose…TW33T!). Still, I am a traveler and would jump at the chance to take another big family vacation if only airfare and hotel for four, soon to be five, weren’t so pricey.

Which is all to explain that goodness it is hard to decide where I would go if I won the ultimate family vacation!

I mean, I would go anywhere. I kind of hear, “free vacation” and then things get a bit hazy after that.

WITH Kids?

There are places my husband and I have been that I would definitely return to with kids–Italy, England, Scotland, and Ireland, Prague / Budapest / Bucharest, Andalucia in Spain, Bangkok, Greece, Turkey, Central Mexico–and others where I would return in a heartbeat if my family were older but probably would not want to have two kids under five along–Northern Vietnam (mainly because I nearly died of food poisoning), Cambodia, Belize (too many fun things that would be too difficult for the young ones).

My wish list for new destinations is equally long: India, Panama, Iceland, Australia…but many of these choices seem a bit far for bringing along the tykes or they are destinations where I would prefer some more “adult time”.

I immediately thought of Morocco. When I asked my husband, he said “safari” in Africa.

A Cruise!

But I think my ideal family vacation would be a cruise. There are tons of things for the kids to do on board. You do not have to worry about dragging around luggage when both kids decide they want to be carried. You do not have to arrange travel from destination to destination. And all the tedious “are we there yet?” parts of the trip happen while the little ones are tuckered out in their beds.

My son would be excited just to be on a boat. My daughter would love to swim in the pool.

My husband and I might need something more, though…culture, art, adventure…

Even though, I have been to Italy three times, I have never been to Ravenna to see the mosaics. So, a cruise that begins in Barcelona and stops along the way in Ravenna would be perfect.

In Barcelona, the children would adore exploring the Park Güell, with its fantastical design by Gaudí. Of course, there would be Gothic buildings and art museums to explore and plenty of delicious food.

On to Venice–I would return to Venice every year if I could and I think my children would find it enchanting as well. We’d see glass-making demonstrations in Murano and sit on “Ghengis Khan’s throne” in Torchello, and chase pigeons in St. Mark’s square.

In Ravenna the highlight for me would be the mosaics in San Vitale–I am sure we’d find plenty of places for the kids to run around after I get my art fix!

Our last port of call before returning to Barcelona would probably be Dubrovnik, where the kids (and adults) would enjoy walking around the city walls.

Would you bring the kids (if you have them)? Where would you go?

Photos by: My husband, Argenberg, Wolfgang Staudt

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  1. S. Garritty says:

    Yes, a cruise is a great choice for a family vacation. We just got back from our first cruise and it was so much fun we are planning another in a year or so. The kids are constantly entertained, the food is taken care of, the views are fabulous.

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