Please VOTE!

My education blog, Naturally Educational, has been nominated for a Bloggers’ Choice award!  I am currently tied for third place so even ONE VOTE will help me!

And if you are really feeling the love, you can tell a friend or two on twitter and facebook!  I know we Military Family Members stick together and I can count on you, amiright?

I am professional educator–I used to teach in the classroom and now I am an educational writer and consultant.  It is what I have been doing for years and I am so happy to be able to share some of my activities, crafts, and ideas with the online community.  Currently, it is a labor of love.  I have no ads on that site (though I may eventually decide to offer limited, and carefully considered advertisements and sponsorships) and I do it for the pure joy of connecting with other parents and educators.

And if you are an educator and/or parent, I hope you will come connect with me at Naturally Educational.

This sort of recognition would mean a great deal to me…so I hope you will take a few minutes of your time to register and vote–and don’t forget to nominate or vote for your other favorite blogs while you are there!

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  1. LaDonna Rae says:

    (though I may eventually decide to offer limited, and carefully considered advertisements and sponsorships)…what are your thoughts on how to limit ads/ sponsorships? I am considering this idea also as “fundraiser” idea..all the proceeds would go to specific “thing” so are you putting disclaimers in your media kit…just wondering as I’ve been working this around in my head…

  2. Candace says:

    For me, what it means is that currently I am not operating Naturally Educational as a profit generator. I make my money as an educational consultant and writer primarily through curriculum development, print articles, and the like. I don’t really want to flood Naturally Educational with ads or have ads that do not closely fit my education philosophy. At this time, I am not seeking any ads but I didn’t want to make a statement “no ads ever” because I could see, if the site became a big part of what I do professionally, that I might partner with education companies.

    I’m not sure when you say “fundraiser” and “thing” if you mean a charity drive? Or funding for a project of yours? But at any rate, I think you just need to consider what types of ads you would feel comfortable placing and at what rates. And it is really up to you as to whether or not you would like to state publicly that all advertising funds are going to “x”. You always reserve the right to refuse advertisers and most ad networks will also allow you to “opt-out” of any particular campaign.

  3. You’ll get my vote :)