Military Mondays – December 6 Edition

Welcome to the Military Monday Family Blogger Carnival – December 6 Edition! Please help spread the word so that this can become a fun way to learn more from each other!

Sorry I missed last week but I had some technical difficulties and a bad cold–so I just didn’t feel like fighting with the Internet!

It is very simple. You do not have to write a post just for the carnival–it can be any military family-related blog post.

These posts are getting some traffic–so people are visiting. Hopefully if you leave your link, they will come read YOUR post!

Plus, I will be happy to tweet, stumble, and share your posts…so please do join in! The linky is open all week so jump in any time! I am trying to make participating as easy as possible…we had some momentum but seemed to have lost it. So, if you know other military family bloggers, urge them to join in.

Stumped as to what to write about? It is Channukah right now and Christmas is approaching–so it would be a great time to share a little about celebrating Holidays as a military family. Maybe that means being away from your home town or even away from your soldier or maybe it means celebrations as part of the military community or care packages or other traditions. …but you can post on any topic you like!

*** The only Military Mondays Blog Carnival rules are: ***

  • In the “Link Title” field, please place the title of your post, plus the name of your blog and/or your name. (e.g. “Grow Where You Are Planted @Army Wives’ Lives”)
  • In the “URL” field, please place the direct “permalink” to the specific post, not to your main page of your blog. (e.g. “” NOT “”)
  • Your post must be relevant to the military family experience. I also retain the right to delete links to any posts that contain hate speech, plans to commit illegal acts, or anything that violates the spirit of this carnival or U.S. law.

Please make this a post from sometime in the last month or so.

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Without further ado, let’s get to the posts–I hope you’ll participate and visit these wonderful Military Family Bloggers–and feel free to check out previous editions for more great Military Family Posts!

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  1. Shelley says:

    I want to be honest that what I’m offering is not a military family blog, because I don’t have the expertise for that. However,it’s a free Internet reading site that I hope might be enjoyable for military members, those recovering from injury, and military spouses. My dad is a vet and I’d love it if the short episodes could bring enjoyment.

    The story is of a young farm wife and her husband and son who are pulling together to survive black dust storms and the worst economic crash in our country’s history. This is life in a simpler time, but the values are timeless. Horton Foote, the playwright of To Kill a Mockingbird, was a supporter of my writing, and his society built this website for my work. Everyone is invited,and welcome to comment. Thank you.

  2. [...] had some great posts last week so I hope you’ll check them out and add your own this [...]

  3. [...] had some great posts last week so I hope you’ll check them out and add your own this [...]