Interview with Lisa Douglas of Crazy Adventures in Parenting

We chatted with Lisa Douglas of Crazy Adventures in Parenting to find out about her special brand of crazy that allows her to raise six kids in a military family while maintaining her sense of humor.

What topics do you write about on your blog?

Parenting humor (obviously!), military-type things we endure/go through, eating all-natural/organic, my weight loss journey (getting back that pre-baby body)

What is a favorite post of yours?

Oh, I have quite a few. This one, though, STILL gets talked about. I captioned the photos I took of my son and my friend Amanda‘s son when we went on a blogger trip to Disney World, titled “Baby Lightsaber Humor“.  I still laugh hysterically when reading it. I love doing captioned posts with pictures. I. Do. It. A. Lot. Ahem.

Tell us a little bit about your military spouse journey.

My husband is active duty Army PSYOP, has served 14 years thus far, has deployed (thankfully only) once back in ’04.

What are the challenges of being a military spouse?

Ah, the challenges of being a military spouse. Man oh man, I could go on all day about this, but I think the A.Number.One. thing is finally realizing that family doesn’t always come first. You will get stationed at hellholes places you’ll scratch your head and wonder “How on EARTH does this place stay open?” Sometimes (okay, a lot of the time), the military has its say and that’s it, no rationale or reason, it makes no sense but because he’s ordered to do it, he must, despite what havoc it’ll wreak upon for your family.

What are the best parts of being a military spouse?

Hands down, the comradery with other military families. Living in post (that is, when your house doesn’t suck). The pride you feel seeing your husband progressing through the ranks, tackling jobs, really making something of himself and bring so proud of what he does. Hearing the Star Spangled Banner and knowing how much more important it is to your family.

What is the most interesting, unusual, or funny thing that has happened to you as a result of being a military spouse?

Learning E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G the hard way. Especially with housing. I love it when something goes WAY wrong and they’re like, “Oh, so sorry, Mrs. Douglas, this has never happened to anyone in the history of ever before.” And I’m all, “Great, so I’m a freak of nature that attracts drama. Nice.” And they’re all, “Yeah. True story.” #militarywifefail

To what extent have blogging and social networking affected the military spouse experience?

I’ve met so many more people than I would have without blogging and social media. It’s given me an outlet and let me share our experiences with others, and vice versa.

If someone you care about was about to marry a military servicemember, what one piece of advice would you give?

Live for each day. You will never know what conflict may arise tomorrow, calling your spouse to duty overseas and in harms way.If you live each day without regret as though it’s your last, you have not lost time, you’ve lived it to the fullest with the person you love.

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  1. Thank you so much for interviewing and featuring me! I appreciate it so much, Candace! :)

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  3. What a great interview. I love Lisa and her blog. One of the nicest bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of coming across online.