Do you have a hero husband?

I saw this query on a few lists and a friend just forwarded me a separate request from the journalist.  I know many of you are married to bonafide heroes.

My hero does not like me to broadcast his heroic acts but, although I will respect his wishes, I believe talking about true heroism inspires others to act!

Are you married to a real hero?  Of course, I think all servicemembers are heroes–but are you married to a hero who has gone above and beyond?  Do you want to recognize your hero and shout it from the rooftops or at least the glossy pages of a “major women’s magazine”?  Here’s your chance:

[blockquote]We are looking for the heroes of 2010/2011 to feature in a major women’s magazine.  To be considered you must meet the following criteria (NO EXCEPTIONS).

You must:

  • Be Married
  • Have performed a truly heroic act and been recognized in the press for it.
  • Send me a compelling paragraph giving me the details.  Please do not send more than two paragraphs.
  • Send over the name, age, location and 2 photos of the hero as well as a link to articles/video detailing the act.
  • Get your information to me no later than Thursday, February 10.

Please do not send over information unless you meet all criteria.[/blockquote]

Photo credit: Captain America

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