Interview with Fallon Wharton of Fallonella's Almost Fairytale

We caught up with the charming Fallon Wharton of Fallonella’s Almost Fairtyale to discover how she’s writing her own Happily Ever After.

What topics do you write about on your blog?

I write about anything that I’m feeling or observing in life in general, focusing on lessons I’ve learned or may be in the process of learning to share with others. I also occasionally write about health and diet topics, as I am always striving to be healthy but not sacrifice my love of great food!

Please share a favorite post of yours.

Probably, “Mommy’s Little Girl,” since I’m blessed to have such a close relationship with my Mother and I really shared honest feelings about the love for my Mom and Mother’s in general. I also love, “The Lessons of Love, Army, and Manifestation,” as I talk about the other love in my life, my husband Matt.  I share our unique story, as well as my own tidbits of life throughout the journey leading up to him and becoming a Military spouse.

Tell us a little bit about your military spouse journey.

My husband is in the Army, hooah! and has been in for 4 years, though I’ve been an Army wife for over a year now. When we met, I didn’t fully understand what that entailed though I had a vague idea, which was much prettier in my head, lol. I feel my journey has been an odd one as Matt and I began talking while he was on deployment.  He came back from deployment April 2009 and has basically been in training since the Fall of 2009, which is when he went to OCS at Benning, then we went to Fort Lee for 6 months, then he went to Redstone, AL for a couple months as he decided to chase his EOD dream, which then led us to Eglin AFB, where we reside now. So, it’s been a lot of bouncing around for the past year or so,  and though I’ve learned quite a bit about the Army, I don’t feel  I’ve learned all that I would if we were just stationed in one place for longer than 6 months. Plus, I’m a social gal, so it’ll be nice when I can meet other wives and make friends!

What are the challenges of being a military spouse?

The bouncing around and not being able to establish your own career as easy as one could when residing in a stable setting. I’m extremely career minded so this has proven to be a source of frustration for me. It’s also difficult living away from family and friends and watching relationships diminish due to this constantly changing life and physical absence. Missing my adorable Mother and regular support system for when things feel difficult.

What are the best parts of being a military spouse?

That you do get to see different parts of the country / world that you usually wouldn’t on your own. Also, that you learn to see things different and live more for each day, rather than living idle all of the time. I’m also always so impressed by the pride felt for the Military and our Country, and mind has grown exponentially. It’s nice to be surrounded by others who have such pride and love for our Country as well. It’s also incredible to watch all of the Soldiers and their families sacrifice so much of their own life for the sake of others’. It never ceases to amaze me. Oh and that I found a new show I love, ‘Army Wives,’ lol, sounds nerdy but I would have never watched that show if I didn’t become one myself.

What is the most interesting, unusual, or funny thing that has happened to you as a result of being a military spouse?

I had to go to Fort A.P. Hill, VA for a work gathering last year, so a few of us carpooled and I had one coworker in my car, Ram, who was quite excited to enter a Military Post. I mean, this guy was excited about the grass, light posts, stop lights, anything and everything, which I found odd but refreshing.  My husband is a 2LT and when we arrived on post I was saluted, which was a first for me and I had no clue what to do but just said, “Thank you.” Ram’s excitement was amplified to the fact that I was saluted upon entering the post, which was quite funny as he kept saying he was impressed and I kept having to explain, through my giggles of his pure childlike awe, that there was no reason to be, lol.

To what extent have blogging and social networking affected the military spouse experience?

Blogging has helped me find other Military Spouse’s that I have yet to find in person due to all of our moving. Reading about others’ experiences is a great lesson for what’s to be expected, and it’s also just nice to see that there are in fact others out there who live this crazy life too!

If someone you care about was about to marry a military servicemember, what one piece of advice would you give?

That it’s not going to be easy, at all. It’s often very frustrating, not just the lifestyle but leaving behind your own lifestyle you may be accustomed to. If you love him or her, it’s worth it, but love doesn’t make it easier just more bearable. It can be exciting, and it has a lot to offer if you let it, though I think I’m still learning of all of its offerings. I’d also recommend that they have their own hobby or something to keep them busy while their spouse is off doing their trainings, details,  TDY’s, etc, as you can really feel lost in the mix if you don’t keep something, or a few things, to call your own.

Find Fallon Wharton at Fallonella’s Almost Fairtyale and on Twitter as @Fallonella.

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