Top 25 Military Family Life Blogs

When I started blogging my husband’s training in 2004, there were only a handful of military spouse blogs.  I found an instant connection however, with the people who came to read the site.

I remember at the time being shocked that a couple of dozen people a day came to read about my thoughts, fears, and hopes. And I was so honored when the founders of SpouseBuzz asked me to join as a blogger and speak at the first convention.

Through the deployment, the birth of my first child, and our move from active duty in Texas to National Guard in New York, you have been there for me.

When the military became less a part of our daily lives, I considered getting rid of the site.  Instead I spent a couple of hundred dollars on upgrading its functionality and design and launched a linky carnival.  I’m a Libra, what else can I say?  For most of the life of this site, it has had no advertising.  But I have still spent hours writing content, researching issues and giving advice to readers who e-mail (only a small percentage of which is published on the site), and sharing the posts of other military family bloggers.

I do it for the same reason I first opened my big mouth and volunteered to help with the FRG during OCS…only to find myself leading it.

I do it because I believe in you, and I believe in us, and I believe we are stronger together.

Now, I know asking for votes is annoying.  And I tend to agree that these voting contests are overdone and more to the benefit of those running the contest than those in the running.

However, I also believe the military family community is underrepresented and under-recognized.  And so, I am asking you to go vote for your favorite Military Family Life Blogs at Circle of Moms (anyone else get the Lion King stuck in their head when they hear the name of that site?).

And if you have enjoyed this site in its many incarnations over the last seven or so years, I would appreciate your vote! And please consider voting for these other sites I enjoy (and hope you will, too):

You are able to vote once every 24 hours for as many blogs as you wish, though May 25, 5 PM PST.  Thank you!

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  1. Don’t forget me too…but seriously, I appreciate that you and AWTR have been around SO LONG and continue to blog about all the things you care about. I of course voted for you as well and hope you keep at it!

  2. Candace says:

    Thanks for the kind words…I’ll add you to the list and go vote for you, right now!

  3. Very inspiring and full of great ideas. I am happy for what you have in mind and just continue to share what you are thinking.