Rock You Like a Hurricane: National Guard Duty Calls

My husband was supposed to have National Guard Drill this weekend.  They cancelled it because the public transportation has all been shut down in the New York Metro Area due to Hurricane Irene and many soldiers rely on public transportation to get to drill.

So, we were excited to have him home all day on Saturday.  An hour ago, he received a call that he is being activated to help with the emergency efforts.

We are, ourselves, directly in Hurricane Irene’s path.  At this point, it looks like a weak category 1 hurricane will hit mid-Long Island sometime tomorrow morning. If it hits around 8am, the South Shore will have high tide.  If it hits closer to 11am, the North Shore will have high tide.

I am about a mile away from the beach and the low-lying areas in my village have been evacuated.  We’re up on a hill, though, so we will most likely be fine.  My parents are visiting so I will have help with the kids.

We may be incommunicado for a few days but I will try to send out smoke signals after the hurricane passes, when I can, to let everyone know we are okay.

Stay safe, everyone!

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One comment

  1. Typical storm story of a Guard family. This is one of the times I can count on one hand I’ve actually had my husband home during a storm. Usually he’s gone 1-2 days in advance getting troops in place.