Fourth of July Week


We had an amazing Fourth of July weekend out on the North Fork of Long Island, which is a great New York vacation area for families with young kids. At some point I will have to write up my North Fork favorites!

We are lucky enough that my in-laws have a home my husband’s grandfather built there after World War II. There’s plenty of bedrooms and we all pile in and enjoy the fun!

Since I go a little crazy with post-holiday sales (who can resist a $3 t-shirt? nobody, that’s who!), my kids have about a dozen patriotic outfits. It wasn’t even July 4th yet and my kids are decked out in red, white, and blue, complete with matching t-shirts for the boys.

Of course, themed outfits means picture time! I think all families have at least one parent who obsessively photographs the kids…right? Tell me this is normal, please.



Our first night, we noticed there were fireflies everywhere! The kids had tons of fun chasing them around the yard and caught quite a few.


Next day was the real deal: coordinating stars and stripes, again, for the Southold parade!

Even Lilah’s American Girl Doll, Marie Grace, got in on the matching patriotic dress action!



The whole family was decked out in red, white, and blue!

The kids love parades! Marching, music, horses, fire trucks, dogs–it is little kid heaven!

Afterwards, the kids hit the beach with Daddy and Grandma swimming with them.

More fireflies at the Hellenic Snackbar (an AWESOME Greenport Greek restaurant with the BEST lemonade)! OMG! THIS NEVER GETS OLD!!! (When you are five.)

We headed to the Greenport Carnival, expecting fireworks because that’s what the chamber of commerce website said and besides…it is the FOURTH OF JULY.

Turns out that Greenport disagrees…fireworks were on the Third of July (of course! how silly of us!) and on the following Saturday. So, no fireworks that night but the kids got in some carnival rides.


And my dad saved the day with the kids’ first sparklers! They though this was just the coolest–hand-held fireworks!

And there were glow stick for Rave Baby.

Rave Baby did not want this party to end!


That’s okay, though, because there were even more sparklers the next night after a family Barbecue.

Since there WERE actually confirmed fireworks on Saturday, we headed back to the carnival for more rides.

And the Grucci Brothers’ light show which was AMAZING this year!

We capped off the vacation with a little kayaking with Daddy and Grandma.

And, of course, no summer vacation is complete without a visit to Drosso’s for miniature golf.



Plus kids’ rides…

…including the creepiest old rides you ever saw.


…and soft-serve ice cream with Magic Shell!

I LOVE this messy ice cream face!

How was your Fourth of July?

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