Sparkle Mommy is a place to let my sparkle shine–a fun place to share entertainment news, television recaps, current events, tips, and product recommendations. Sometimes I forget to sparkle and so the title of this site is somewhat aspirational–part of my process of choosing to become a happier, more positive person.

I may have a Bachelor’s degree from Yale and a Master’s in Education from Harvard but I also like to shop, eat cheese and drink wine, and watch frivolous television, with the best of them. So, I launched this blog to share the more sparkly parts of my life.

I am a former teacher, part time educational consultant, and full time mama to three (soon to be four) little ones and wife to a wonderful, brilliant man who is a prosecutor and a Major in the National Guard. You can read my full, fancy bio here, if you like.

I blog about topics in education and learning activities at NaturallyEducational.com. You can also find me at the lifestyle publication I co-edit, Mamanista.com or contributing to Lifetime Moms on educational topics, LeapFrog, and other places around the Internet.

Chat with me on twitter @candaceapril or send me an e-mail at calindemann [at] gmail [dot] com.

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