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Jessica Alba’s Natural Birth

It is so wonderful to hear a celebrity like Jessica Alba talking about a natural, peaceful birth:

“I didn’t scream,” Jessica tells OK! in an exclusive interview and photoshoot. “It was really Zen.” And Cash could only marvel at his wife’s quiet strength when she gave birth. “She didn’t make a sound,” he says. “It was amazing.”

The Love Guru star tells OK! that she had natural birth. “The labor was more like meditation,” she says. “I did yoga breathing. I was focused.”

JLo’s Baby Registry

I saw this post about JLo’s registry on Dlisted (warning, some language on the site isn’t family friendly).

Sometimes I wonder if I had millions, even billions, if I would buy ridiculously overpriced stuff. I really think that there are somethings it would be nice to have and few things I’d like to upgrade, but overall, I just can’t see myself just spending for the sake of spending.

Anyway, some of the items seem a bit silly but others don’t seem that out of line with what I hear NYC mamas spending. Cribs and gliders are a bit more complicated pieces of furniture than a changing table. True, both my crib and my glider were under $150, but I can imagine a nice piece of furniture running over $1000.

Ugh…That’s in Poor Taste

Dlisted has shots of Larry Birkhead parading DanniHope around the street where celebrities go when they want to be photographed shopping. (warning, site is not “family friendly”)

Michael K mocks him for being an attention hog, D-lister, but do you notice the t-shirt she’s wearing? “Who’s Your Daddy?” After a long, public paternity battle? Ick.

Unwanted Gifts: What Do YOU Do?

This may be a touchy subject, but I think it is especially relevant now with all these toy recalls.

How do you handle gifts that you don’t want?

There’s a story going around that Christina Aguilera (generally known for diva behavior) has thrown out some toys from her husband’s family.

According to the story, it is because they were from Babies R Us and not from the chic boutiques she believes better fit her celeb status.

We don’t know if the story is even true, or if that is in fact the reason she disposed of the gifts.

Aside from such snobbery, though, what if the gifts you receive just do not reflect your values or, worse, you are concerned about whether or not the toys are safe?

Obviously no one should ever feel obligated to give a gift…and it is truly the thought that counts. I always appreciate that someone thought of me and my family, regardless of what the actual gift is–a card is always lovely, too! But, whether you are pledging to toss everything from China after the lead paint scares, ban all Bratz paraphernalia, or donate items with licensed characters, is there any polite way to communicate this to friends and family who are likely to give gifts to your kiddos?

I have a friend who recently sent out an informational e-mail about stores and brands that are made in the USA. And on Mamanista I’ve been creating a list of stores that take special care in ensuring the safety of their toys and informing their customers about where the toys were made. Right now I have those stores starred on our shop page and soon I’ll be posting some of my favorite picks. You could also point people to some of the lists at Crunchy Domestic Goddess or the great independent and sometimes handmade finds at Cool Mom Picks.

But some people still either won’t get the hint or won’t care about your concerns. So, what do you do then?

Are you a terrible person if you write a nice thank you note and then return store bought gifts? Better to put them in a box and take them out when the gift giver visits and then donate when enough time has passed? Or just keep them around, even if you are not comfortable with the gift?

Is there a right way to go about this?

I would love to hear others’ thoughts on this topic!

Brangelina’s Green Baby

Thursday Thirteen: Headlines from 2012 (DAYS of the INSANE)

10. Green baby for Angelina and Brad: Following the discovery that food-colouring can be injected into sperm cells, Brad and Angelina Pitt-Jolie are delighted to announce that they will be giving birth to the world’s first green baby. “We’re just so delighted,” cooed Angelina, surrounded by her seven adopted children. “I wanted to create a rainbow family, but I just wasn’t satisfied with the rather shabby choice of colours available in nature. And green is so the colour of the moment.” Says Brad, “I’m delighted of course, but I have to say it was weird having green sperm.”


Oh, I wish I had come up with this one.