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Done Trying to be a Perfect Mom


My husband is in the military, currently the National Guard. He’s gone one weekend a month, two weeks a year (at least in theory… because sometimes he’s gone a lot more and he occasionally travels for his full time job). He was recently two weeks and I swear he took half my brain with him.

It has been busy, crazy busy. In addition to finishing up one of the biggest projects I have ever worked on, an art history textbook for a program in California, we have had all of the end-of-the-year carnivals, field days, parties, preschool graduations, piano recitals, and gymnastics expos.




Oh, and we also had our Daisy troop bridging to Brownies at my house. This was supposed to happen on my deck but it was the one rainy day all month. So, we set-up in the basement.

Did I mention I am also over 5 months pregnant with baby #4?


Maybe it was because I was feeling like such a super mom after shuttling all the kids to all their various events, generally staying on top of the housework without my husband there, and throwing a magical Brownie Bridging that I overreached.

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Toddler LOLZ

Recent Diva Cuteness:

  • Future Photog: She often grabs the camera and pretends to take pics. Because she smears of the lens, I always have to wipe it (with my shirt…yeah, I know…) before using it. So, today she grabs the camera, pops off the lens cap, and wipes the lens with her shirt.
  • Buh-Bye: We were on the phone with Granny last week, and Granny was saying “goodbye.” So Baby grabs the phone, says “bye, bye,” while waving, and hangs up.
  • All Done: Baby has been completing her shape and animal sounds puzzles for the last month or so (I’ve got some video I’ll upload later) and two weeks ago, she finished the puzzle, made the sign for “all done,” gave herself a round of applause, picked it up, and tossed the whole thing in her toy box. Wish I had caught that on tape.
  • Kids and Cats: Our gentle giant cat, Loki, was sleeping in one of those huge empty diaper boxes. The box is taller than it is wide, but was on its side, giving him a cozy cubby. Baby approached the box, squatted down, pointed to the cat, made her usual recognition of a cat (she rapidly sticks her tongue in and out because her books tell her that is how cats clean themselves), and then promptly turned the box right side up, complete with 17 lbs. of cat. Strong baby. Confused cat.