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Baby Signing Cuteness

Little Diva walks over to Junior and grabs his hand, gently squeezing:

“Squeeze hand for milk. When you want milk, squeeze hand.”

She knows how to help a brother out.

It is a sign that would have come in handy today. I think Junior is about to bust out with his first tooth. From 2:30 pm until about 6:30 pm he nursed almost continually, for an hour without break at one point. If he fell asleep and delatched, he started screaming. This is a baby who never cries and it frightened me a little. Since nursing settled him down, though, I’m guessing it is just a tooth. He’s been chewing on his hand like crazy for the last two weeks.

It has been an AP kind of day. Diva has been wanting to spend more time cuddling on the big bed since brother gets to have full access in his little sidecar co-sleeper–which I must agree only seems fair. But our bed was one of those really high, giant, four poster monsters that seemed like a good idea in the BC (Before Children) Era.

DH was about to dismantle the bed and then decided to remove the box spring to lower things and add in a piece of plywood for support when he had the time. Well, the bed beat him to the punch. We were getting the kids in for nighttime and I was on the bed with Junior. I asked DH for a hug. He obliged. And one of the slats cracked. So now the big wood frame is dismantled, the box springs are back, and the mattress (supported by box springs) is on the floor.

A much safer and happier arrangement for all involved.

Toddlerism: Princess Obvious

Toddler: (climbing off her toddler bed; whump; falls on floor; cries a little)

Me: Are you okay, sweetie? What did you hit?

Toddler: The floor!


In other baby news, Junior started his swim “lessons.” They offer free lessons from two to six months’ so he goes in the pool when his sister has her lesson. It is so funny to watch them together. Who would have thought that the same parents and the same parenting could produce two such different children?

Junior just chills. Someone is holding me and it is not mommy? Oh, well…she seems nice. She’s lifting me up? Nice view. Now I’m under water? No problem.

He’s now three months’ and 18 POUNDS. Not sure how tall, but really tall. I’ll find out in a couple of weeks. Pictures coming soon.

Make ‘Em Laugh…

One of the most amazing things about Baby Diva is her sense of humor. I had no idea they came with a funny bone.

The first time I heard Baby Diva full-out belly laugh, she was a couple of weeks shy of three months and we were out walking. We ran into a friend and, when Baby Diva heard the adults laugh, she bust out into a giggle fit.

Since then, one of my goals each day is to provoke baby laughter. At first, she would laugh when adults laughed. Fairly quickly, however, she began to develop her own independent sense of humor.

What she finds funny is, I suppose, unsurprising. She sticks with the classics–real Aristophanes and Comedia del Arte stuff. You know, slapstick and bodily function humor.

Some of the funny-bone tickling stuff we’ve noted includes:

  • anything that is or sounds like passing gas: burps, farts, the full early Jim Carey repertoire
  • cards shuffling (probably related to the above)
  • raspberries and “Bronx cheers” (sense a trend?)
  • animal antics of all sorts: cats and dogs jumping, leaping, rolling over, etc.
  • pretend falls
  • belly kisses
  • lifting her up in the air, flying her, curling her towards her in our arms like

Anything involving anticipation is also a favorite. If you take little lunges towards her, getting closer each time, she knows that a kiss or tickle is coming and she cracks up. Even better if you say, “I’m gonna getcha,” or, a new favorite, make any animal noises as you get closer.

At eight months, these are still a laugh riot. Starting around six months, she also started make “jokes” of her own.

She likes to give raspberries to me and to her stuffed animals and then have a good chuckle about it.

Around the same time, Baby Diva is also started to develop a slightly more sophisticated act based on “incongruity.” She’ll take out her pacifier and stick it in my mouth and then crack up laughing. Perhaps I am projecting, but it doesn’t seem to be that much of a leap of the imagination to think she is saying, “That’s silly! Mommies don’t use pacis!”

Every day it is so much fun trying to discover what is going to make her laugh.

If any other mommies and daddies are out there reading, what makes your little ones laugh?

More Six Months’ Pics

Here are a few more pics mom just uploaded. What, like she has a job or something? (Besides being my publicist?)

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Six Months’ Old!

Baby Diva is a HALF A YEAR! She is in the 90th percentile for both height (26.6 inches) and weight (18 pounds). She can sit up, bear weight on my legs, laugh, squeal, blow raspberries, “talk,” recognize her name, scoot a couple of inches on her tummy, grab and pull everything in sight, roll over both ways (although she tends to prefer to roll front to back), put her feet in her mouth (like her mommy), and has two teeth.

She insists on several books a day–”Jamberry” is still her favorite but mommy’s introduced some variety. She still also loves bath time and walk time. She enjoys petting her kitties, too.

Here she is with her monkey. The dress is courtesy of Granny’s friend, “Aunt Weezie”:

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here are some other recent pictures:

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Less snappy, more walky, people.

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Yeah, I’m in a band…its mostly percussion…

(Thanks Aunt Danielle for the rockin’ threads…we’ve got some more pictures of this with the hat but we’re waiting for a new cable for Daddy’s camera)

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Can I start solids NOW? Please?

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