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Happy, Birthday, Baby Diva!

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Today I am Nine Months’ Old!!!

I am just starting to really crawl. Crawling is for chumps, anyway. Mark my words…three, four, five months from now, all the cool babies in my age group will be walking anyway. Walking is the wave of the future.

I’m making serious efforts in that direction, pulling up, standing while balancing on furniture, my parents, the cats…well, I would if they would stay still.

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If I need to get somewhere in the immediate future, there is always momorail. Although mommy has been grumbling something about me reaching the momorail weight limit soon–I’m about 21 pounds.

I have SIX TEETH! I eat whatever they give me–tofu, chicken, turkey, avocado, squash, carrots, sweet potato, green beans, blueberries, apples, bananas, oatmeal, pears…you name it, I’ll eat it!

Mommy says I have a great sense of humor. I make all sorts of jokes, like putting the paci in mommy’s mouth and then laughing. I love to wave at people and I’m learning sign language. I like to play peekaboo and turn off the light switches.

I say “Dada,” mostly to Daddy, but sometimes also to mom, the cats, the couch…I also say “I Love You.” Mom still can’t get over it and doesn’t think you’ll believe it…but I hear the words so often, it makes sense! I bet my next word is “cute.”

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Prunes for Dessert

Now that Baby Diva is eating solid food, I have to make sure she gets her prunes. Why is it that babies have so much in common with the elderly?

While serving Baby Diva her prunes, I sing her this song I made up. The verses change and new ones are added almost daily. In any iteration, this song is proof that when Baby Diva is a teenager, she will pretend not to know me. And I will now share a version with you:

I’d like a bunch
of prunes to munch.
I have a hunch
that there’s prunes for lunch.

Prunes for dessert
Prunes for dessert
Prunes for dessert
So my poo does not hurt

Prunes, oh boy!
I am not coy
Prunes are a toy
I fling with joy.

Prunes that I eat
Prunes that are sweet
Prunes that I share
With babies I meet

Oh, did you know?
Go tell your beau
Prunes help you go
when things move too slow

I eat purple goo
Then I go to the loo
What do you do?
When you have to poo?

Thank you my guest
at this prune-fest
Prunes are the best
now that’s off my chest

Prunes for dessert
Prunes for dessert
Prunes for dessert
So my butt does not hurt

– Lyrics by Mama Luxe
Dedicated to Baby Diva, Fairy Godmother, da Godfadda and infants and parents everywhere.


I hesitate to say anything (my family is 75% East European, it is just the way we are), but I think we can officially consider this nursing strike broken.

Yesterday, Baby Diva nursed all day except before breakfast. Today, she nursed before her breakfast and before her lunch.

I think this is going to have to be filed under “Motherhood Mysteries” (in fact, that sounds like a good new post category) and “Goodness, I Hope that Never Happens Again.”

Baby Diva is as happy as ever, erupting in uncontrollable giggles at the drop of a hat (literally, she likes it if you drop stuff…funny kid).

In fact, she seemed fine the whole time. I just mixed my milk in with her food so she would stay nourished and hydrated. I was the one who felt worried, rejected and engorged.

Maybe now I will manage to get some work done and possibly even post about something other than breastfeeding.

Make ‘Em Laugh…

One of the most amazing things about Baby Diva is her sense of humor. I had no idea they came with a funny bone.

The first time I heard Baby Diva full-out belly laugh, she was a couple of weeks shy of three months and we were out walking. We ran into a friend and, when Baby Diva heard the adults laugh, she bust out into a giggle fit.

Since then, one of my goals each day is to provoke baby laughter. At first, she would laugh when adults laughed. Fairly quickly, however, she began to develop her own independent sense of humor.

What she finds funny is, I suppose, unsurprising. She sticks with the classics–real Aristophanes and Comedia del Arte stuff. You know, slapstick and bodily function humor.

Some of the funny-bone tickling stuff we’ve noted includes:

  • anything that is or sounds like passing gas: burps, farts, the full early Jim Carey repertoire
  • cards shuffling (probably related to the above)
  • raspberries and “Bronx cheers” (sense a trend?)
  • animal antics of all sorts: cats and dogs jumping, leaping, rolling over, etc.
  • pretend falls
  • belly kisses
  • lifting her up in the air, flying her, curling her towards her in our arms like

Anything involving anticipation is also a favorite. If you take little lunges towards her, getting closer each time, she knows that a kiss or tickle is coming and she cracks up. Even better if you say, “I’m gonna getcha,” or, a new favorite, make any animal noises as you get closer.

At eight months, these are still a laugh riot. Starting around six months, she also started make “jokes” of her own.

She likes to give raspberries to me and to her stuffed animals and then have a good chuckle about it.

Around the same time, Baby Diva is also started to develop a slightly more sophisticated act based on “incongruity.” She’ll take out her pacifier and stick it in my mouth and then crack up laughing. Perhaps I am projecting, but it doesn’t seem to be that much of a leap of the imagination to think she is saying, “That’s silly! Mommies don’t use pacis!”

Every day it is so much fun trying to discover what is going to make her laugh.

If any other mommies and daddies are out there reading, what makes your little ones laugh?

What a wonderful world…

Baby Diva’s favorite games are peekaboo, take off mommy’s glasses, and turn off and on the lights.

She’s really becoming quite fun to play with and her sense of wonder at even the most ordinary helps me to remember that we only get one go around that we know of in this crazy world.

Of all the reasons to have children, this is the one that rings the truest to me–we have children because they simultaneously remind us of our mortality while allowing us to touch immortality.

Sometimes it is easy to forget–to get frustrated about how nothing is getting done, to become bored with the constant routine, to feel lonely and isolated at home.

Then, Baby Diva will remind me that everything important is happening right here and now, that every moment is unique, and that I am connected through our relationship to the cosmos.

Today Baby Diva and I took a stroll. Along the way, I pointed out all of the flowers, the animals, and the dragonflies. Having a baby literally makes me stop and smell the roses and for that I am truly grateful.


Baby Diva and I have been playing peek-a-boo for months now. Or rather, I have been hiding things (her paci, musical toys, myself, her) under a blanket, looking around quizzically, asking, “Where’s your….?”, and then lifting the blanket.

Baby Diva’s reaction has been to follow the blanket with her eyes instead of looking at whatever had been previously concealed. Then, when I draw her attention to the magically reappearing object with way too much enthusiasm, she just looks at me like, “What’s the big, mama?”

Well, today I hid under the blanket.

Baby Diva lifted the blanket.

Baby Diva saw her mommy and…



Diva Fit

Do you ever want someone to love you so much that her entire world revolves around you?

Trust me. You don’t.

Baby Diva is the happiest seven month old in the world, as long as she is physically attached to me. As soon as I am out of sight, however, she throws a fit worthy of her name. Luckily I have an open floorplan so I can flit between the kitchen, living room, and study. And yet, as soon as I duck to retrieve food from the refrigerator, diva fit.

Pick up toys from behind the couch, diva fit.

Turn a corner, diva fit.

Try to grab clothes and make-up from the other room–well you get the idea.

Baby diva has not read the peek-a-boo memo, yet.

You would think I would have become more toned carrying a twenty-pound weight with me everywhere I go. But, alas, no.

Luckily Super Dad takes this all in stride. Baby Diva adores him and laughs and smiles when he comes home. Yet, as soon as mom leaves the room, you would think Jack Bauer was interrogating her. Then, within a few minutes, Super Dad has Diva the Kid cooing and playing again.

Today, Super Dad had to get to work early, so I had to grab a shower with Baby Diva in her swing.

For a few minutes she played with her toy bar, then the Diva Fit began. She was giving the shower a run for its money with the waterworks.

I poked my head out, soaking the bathroom floor, “Mommy’s here. Mommy’s here.”

We have a glass shower door, for goodness sakes! She can see me. I know–I conducted a scientific experiment: I bent down and then stood back up and she followed me with her eyes.

Matters not at all. I have to soak myself, comfort Baby Diva, soap up, comfort Baby Diva, rinse, comfort Baby Diva, etc.

So, I felt like a terrible mother for five minutes, but I was clean enough to face another day of attachment parenting with the sweetest baby in the world.

Seven Months’ Old!!!

Baby Diva turned seven months’ old on March 9, 2007. She is having so much fun–trying new foods, meeting new people, and playing new games!

In this photoshoot, Baby Diva is modeling a Ralph Lauren Polo collared shirt dress with pleated skirt, in her signature color, purple.

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Here, Kitty, Kitty

Baby Diva absolutely adores her kitty cats and the feeling is mutual. They really want to nap with her but I just do not feel comfortable with it until she is at least able to get up and walk away from them if she needs to do so. Especially since one of the beasts is furry enough to choke a horse.

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I’ve been searching around the internet and asking doctors and no one really has any set guidance. I know some people let animals into the family bed immediately, but I guess I am just paranoid. Neither of them would harm her intentionally, but I suspect they might want to cuddle with her warm little sleeping self–I know I do! Poor kitties will just have to stay locked out of the bedroom for a while longer.

She’s an intellectual…

Baby Diva insists on only the best entertainment. She likes it when you talk with her, sing with her, and dance with her…but the absolute best is a good story.

Whenever I tell people that Baby Diva demands storytime, they think I am projecting or, worse, I am already trying to push her into the rat race of academic success.

Then they see it with their own eyes. The book comes out and any fussing stops. Baby Diva turns her laser-like focus towards the object of her desire and insists we read her a book. Picture books hold some mild interest, but since age two months’ she has prefered a genuine rhyming tale.

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