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They Are Very Considerate

My son has decided that I need more sleep. And he is enforcing this by waking up regularly and demanding that I join him. As soon as I cuddle him, he falls fast asleep. The moment I attempt to put him down, he cries. If I finally get him to bed, he is back up within the hour.

I try to imagine it from his perspective–he spends an hour trying to get mommy to sleep: reading books with me, cuddling, nursing, singing. And then finally, just when he thinks he has me down for the night, he wakes to discover I am not there. Sneaky mommy. Just what does it take to get mommy to get her much needed sleep?

And then there is my darling daughter. Lately she has taken to asking me how much I love her. Being a bit of a sap, I told her:

I love you more than there are stars in the sky.

Tell me more, mommy.

Well, sweetie, I love you more than there are pebbles on every beach. More than there are grains of sand in all the deserts in the world…more than…

Do you love me more than this light?

Huh? Ummm…well, yes, sweetie. I do love you more than this light.

I love you more than the hamper, mommy.

Well. Ummm. That’s good to hear, little one.

More than the hot pink hamper, mommy.

Thank you, sweetie.

You’re a Superstar, That is What You Are…

Baby Diva had her 18 Month well baby appointment and, except for a little eczema, all looks great!

Vital Stats: Her weight had plateaued for a while and was making me slightly concerned. After all, this child had been riding the 90th percentile curve since month one, then suddenly stopped gaining weight at about a year. She was 21 lbs at 9 months and then barely gained anything over the next half a year. I feel like I am feeding her non-stop, though, and all signs point to a happy, well-fed baby, so I wasn’t too nervous. Well, this visit showed she added a little more weight: she is 24.5 lbs (60th percentile for weight and 75th percentile in height). The delicious pudge is fading and my little girl is turning into a bean pole! The doctor also said she is incredibly big and healthy looking for a tet baby.

Diet: We went through all the usual stuff–and the new pediatrician thankfully did not even blink when the response to “And how long did you breastfeed?” was, “Until about two weeks ago.”

Yes, the Diva has weaned. I suppose as I finish up the first trimester my milk changed taste. She had already dropped down to about two feedings a day (sometimes more, sometimes less) and then a couple of weeks ago, she just decided she was “all done” (her second favorite sign after “more”).

Next came the developmental milestones.

Words: tons. She says bowl, book, cat, up, mama, dada, papa, bad (in association with aforementioned cat), duck, lots of animal sounds, blue (to summon her favorite food, blueberries), no (so it begins…), and a bunch more. She generally prefers signing to words when she knows a sign, and has started to form mini sentences in sign language (“more book please,” being her favorite, closely followed by “more cheese please”).

Fork and spoon: insists on it.

Walking, running, climbing, and generally making mommy twitch: oh, boy, yes.

Language recognition: absolutely. She knows the names of everything in the house and she can bring you specific books if you ask (I am assuming she is recognizing the cover picture and not reading…heh).

Following simple directions: for a while now. In fact, she is following two-step directions. At this, the pediatrician actually looked surprised and exclaimed, “she’s a developmental superstar.”

So, now her official medical diagnoses include “chronically cute” and “a superstar.”

Okay, I know that hitting milestones a little fast or a little slow is meaningless at this stage. Anything within the normal range is, well normal. But I can’t help but enjoy that a little. Don’t worry, I won’t start bragging at playgroups (I’ll leave the real bragging to the experts…the grandparents)…but I get to be a little proud on my blog, right???

Toddler LOLZ

Recent Diva Cuteness:

  • Future Photog: She often grabs the camera and pretends to take pics. Because she smears of the lens, I always have to wipe it (with my shirt…yeah, I know…) before using it. So, today she grabs the camera, pops off the lens cap, and wipes the lens with her shirt.
  • Buh-Bye: We were on the phone with Granny last week, and Granny was saying “goodbye.” So Baby grabs the phone, says “bye, bye,” while waving, and hangs up.
  • All Done: Baby has been completing her shape and animal sounds puzzles for the last month or so (I’ve got some video I’ll upload later) and two weeks ago, she finished the puzzle, made the sign for “all done,” gave herself a round of applause, picked it up, and tossed the whole thing in her toy box. Wish I had caught that on tape.
  • Kids and Cats: Our gentle giant cat, Loki, was sleeping in one of those huge empty diaper boxes. The box is taller than it is wide, but was on its side, giving him a cozy cubby. Baby approached the box, squatted down, pointed to the cat, made her usual recognition of a cat (she rapidly sticks her tongue in and out because her books tell her that is how cats clean themselves), and then promptly turned the box right side up, complete with 17 lbs. of cat. Strong baby. Confused cat.

Halloween Wordless Wednesday: Arrr…

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Arrr’s not a word…

Happy Halloween!!!

Wordless Halloween Wednesday: Mmm…Brains

Zombie Baby Eats Brains...Errr...Fruit

Zombie Baby Eats Brains...Errr...Fruit

Zombie Baby Eats Brains...Errr...Fruit

Happy Halloween!

Don’t worry…they aren’t actually brains…just freeze-dried strawberries ;)

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Linguistic Milestones and Triumphs

Going to bed very soon over here. Baby Diva has been doing lots of growing up and she wants to keep practicing at night.

She’s been walking all over the place and brings me my shoes and the sling when she wants to go outside.

For a while she’s been “quacking” whenever you ask her what sound a duck makes. Captain Dad, joker that he is, has also taught her to sound like a “demonic duck” (quacking, but in a throaty, gravelly voice).

Daddy also likes to amuse us by mispronouncing words. I imagine I’ll have some interesting conversations later with her Kindergarten teacher: “No, she doesn’t have a speech impediment. She just has a father with a dry wit.”

I’m also very interested to see how she’ll use other languages. We incorporate a good bit of Spanish and a little Russian into our days and she definitely has a basic vocabulary in each, even when words are brought up in different contexts.

Right now, though, she’s just starting to expand her repertoire of spoken words. Her grandfather swears he hears her parroting what I say but mostly it sounds like gibberish to me. For me to call it a word, it has to be crystal clear. Maybe I should give her more credit.

Every once in a while, she’ll turn to me and say, “I love you, mama.” But, much like Michigan J Frog, she’ll give no encore for a larger audience.

Today she treated me to actually saying “duck” when she saw the picture in the book. She was very proud to be able to show off her new found verbal skills tonight to Daddy, and even held something in reserve for him. Tonight she triumphantly pronounced “Moo” and “Baa” when she saw the appropriate bovine and ovine creatures during Daddy’s command reading of “The Big Red Barn.”

Of course, she still points to your breast pocket whenever you say “sheep.” Daddy likes to wear Brooks Brothers polo shirts. I caught her giggling last time she did it so I think her insistence that sheep live on people’s chests is another example of her wicked sense of humor. She knows that mommy really wants her to point to the picture of the sheep so she persists in being contrary just for the laugh.

Well, it’s pajama time and the moon is sailing high in the dark night sky so goodnight stars, goodnight air, goodnight noises everywhere…

Who Needs a Costume When You’re Already a Princess?

Who Needs a Costume When You're Already a Princess?

Who Needs a Costume When You're Already a Princess?

Who Needs a Costume When You're Already a Princess?

Who Needs a Costume When You're Already a Princess?

I Saw The Sign

Teach your baby sign language and she’ll be able to communicate with you BEFORE SHE CAN EVEN TALK.

Sounds great, right?

Well, it is…but make sure you want to know what’s on the mind of a one year-old before you give her the ability to gesticulate what she’s thinking.

Apparently “food” is on her mind. And “more food.” And “nursing.”

Oh, and she likes to tell you that she is “all done” when you are doing something she doesn’t like, such as clipping her nails or wiping her face.

Sorry, kiddo. You may be all done, but we aren’t.

Babies also do the over generalizing thing with signs that they do with spoken words.

At first, Baby Diva only used the food sign when she was hungry. Then, she started emphatically insisting she wanted to eat moments after I fed her a large meal. I would hand her a snack and she would push it away and sign more frantically. Finally, she picked up a book and stuck it in her mouth.

Okay, that makes sense. She chews on her books, so obviously they are food.

Food for thought, sweetie.

Besides, if she signs “eat” and points to something, she usually gets it. So why bother being more precise if mommy will figure out what she wants, anyway?

And then there is the sign for milk, our darling’s first sign!

Captain Dad is playing with the Diva and Mama is getting a moment of relaxation when all of a sudden, two figures appear.

Captain Dad, carrying Baby Diva sedan-chair style announces, “She wants to nurse.”

“How do you know?”

“She told me.” To emphasize the point, Baby Diva solemnly lifts one hand and makes the tell-tale squeezing motion.

If she’s really hungry, she uses both hands–as if to say, “This is a two mammary meal, mommy!” I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before she is chasing me around the house, squeezing both hands, looking like a demented crab.

A few weeks ago I had the bright idea to reintroduce the sign for “more.”

Baby Diva loves this sign and now more or less uses it to indicate the opposite of “all done.” At first, however, she failed to grasp that this magical sign was a modifier.

So, for about a week non-stop she would constantly put her finger tips together to ask for “more.”

“More,” what, baby girl?

More everything mommy.

Future Fromager?

Babies are not supposed to have dairy before a year…and Baby Diva is still about three weeks shy of that milestone.

However, today she had a little first taste of cheese.

We were in a fabulous local cheese shop and reminiscing about our favorite neighborhood cheese store back when we were living in the Murray Hill section of Manhattan.

Captain Dad and I sampled and purchased a yummy goat cheese (and as an aside, if you are in the area, you have to check out the fantastic goat cheese produced at this goat farm).

Then, the sweet lady behind the counter asked if Baby Diva were old enough to sample a mild, but flavorful pasteurized cow’s milk cheese from Holland. I decided to give it a try.

That’s right, Baby Diva’s first taste of non-mama dairy was Vlaskaas, a Dutch cheese from a specialty shop.

No Kraft singles for my girl.