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She’s a Poet…and She Knows It!

Today Diva the Kid announced that she was “making a poem” and out popped:

At night his daddy came.
A soft cloud
arisen by the mist.

Now, leaving aside the improper use of arisen I think that is pretty darn good for a 2.5 year old.

Especially since we haven’t been consciously teaching her poetry. She’s been making up a lot of silly songs but as far as I know this is her first self-designated “poem.” Captain Dad has been explaining rhyming words and she can fill in the end of rhyming couplets…but this poem doesn’t rhyme.

Actually, take a syllable off the first and last line and it is a haiku. Maybe it is Wabi Sabi influenced?

Now I just have to teach her to write sonnets.

Toddlerisms: Mind Your Ps and Qs


Me: Isn’t there a word you should use? It begins with “P?” Puh-puh-puh…

Diva: PIG!

Me: Yes, um…pig begins with P, but another word, when you want to be polite.

Diva: Pleeeaaase!

* her sippy cup, my daughter is brand-conscious

Diva: (arranging the baby monitors) Wanna bring this one downstairs with “monitor family!”

Me: Sweetie, the monitors are so I can hear you and brother if you need me.

Diva: No. Need bruddah monitor for family. Mommy monitor, Daddy monitor, Sister monitor…this Brother monitor!

My Mom: Sweetheart, the monitor needs to work. You know how your Daddy goes to work? Well this monitor works. It goes to work upstairs.

Diva: No! This BAAAYBEE monitor. No need to work.

Toddlerism: How to Mail Your Brother

My daughter and I made Valentine’s for her grandparents and godparents and then talked about sending them in the mail. I told her we’d go to the post office.

“…and then bring them home?” she asked.

No, sweetie, we leave mail at the post office and then the postman brings it to the right person’s house.

Fast forward several days to Valentine’s Day. I tell her it is Valentine’s Day, a day to celebrate love, etc. We talk about Daddy being her Valentine and I asked if her little brother would also be her Valentine.

In a comically confused and concerned voice, she whispered:

“Leave him at post office?”