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Moving Day, Days, Weeks…

After a long exhausting move for me and Baby Diva, and an even longer drive for Captain Dad, we arrived in our temporary residence. Now we are searching for a house to call our own in New York, hopefully for many years to come.

I have been spread even thinner than usual because somewhere on our way to New York, Baby Diva decided that only I could hold her. She is back to allowing Captain Dad to hold her, too–but there were a few days there when I was on 24/7. Her schedule has also gone kaplooie, what with the relatives and th house hunting and whatnot.

Baby Diva is cruising around non-stop and we know she recognizes who “Daddy” is: I asked her to “Hand Daddy the card” on Father’s Day and she was able to do it three times. She also pointed to my furry gentle giant (who adores her) and said, “cat.” She also did this three times. This is the first time I am 100% sure she is connecting a word (besides Mama and Dada) with the concept.

She says “luv, luv, luv” and “I love you,” but I don’t think she knows that they have meaning, just that we react when she says it. So, I guess “cat” is the official first word! Call the grandparents, break out the baby book, alert the media!

Happy Father’s Day!

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Happy Father's Day

This Daddy’s Girl wants to wish Captain Dad and all the Pops in Blogland and elsewhere a “Happy Father’s Day!”

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Ooops, I know there was something else I needed to do

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(Yes, I’m posting this early, but it is our anniversary tonight and Father’s Day, tomorrow…)

Super Dad’s Up To His Tricks

Super Dad has some cool tricks…what I guess you could call parent hacks.

Baby Diva hates when we try to clean her face (hey, why mess with perfection…even if it is covered in sweet potatoes and pears?). So, Super Dad touches his own face on the spot he plans to clean and names it (“cheek, cheek, cheek”) and then wipes that part of her face. I don’t know if she gets distracted, is amused, or curious…but it works long enough for us to get her cleaning with a minimum of fuss.

When we first introduced finger foods, Baby Diva would grab the food, but would squish it in her hands and drop it before she ever got it to her mouth. So, Super Dad would pretend to feed the morsel to her…and then quickly pull it away a little. Baby Diva would usually try to lean in twice or three times and then would get fed up, grab the bite, and immediately stuff it in her mouth. After a week or two of this, we don’t even need the trick any more.

Anyone need these tricks or have tricks up their own sleeves?

A Little Blue Box and Peaches for Mother’s Day!

Millions of peaches, peaches for me Millions of peaches, peaches for free …

On Saturday, Super Dad gave me an impromptu Mother’s Day celebration. We were going to take Baby Diva out for a walk, then we decided to hop in the car to go to a local festival. As we were driving, we realized that what we really wanted were fresh Hill Country peaches. Why not? We drove down to Hill Country and got our peaches–fresh peach ice cream, fresh peaches, and peach chipotle sauce.

Baby Diva enjoyed her first taste of yummy fresh, local peaches.

Then we continued onto one of our favorite local wineries. On the way back, I got Indian Food–my favorite! I was nervous, but the music was not too loud for Baby Diva and just loud enough to cover up happy baby noises and any minor fussing. As it turns out, Baby Diva was so good and two other couples with babies were seated while we were eating.

We put Baby Diva down to bed, and then at midnight I got my Mother’s Day gift–a dragonfly keyring from Tiffany!

Dragonfly Key Ring Tiffany

Way back in the BC (Before Child) Era, Super Dad and I loved to travel. On a vacation in Hong Kong, Super Dad purchased me an opal dragonfly necklace. Then, we traveled up Victoria Peak and were surprised to find thousands of shimmering dragonflies darting around. Apparently Hong Kong is renowned for its dragonfly population.

Ever since then, the dragonfly has been very special to us. Now, I can carry one with me wherever I go…and it came in a little blue box! I know if Baby Diva were a little older, she would approve. How thoughtful of Super Dad!!!

Super Dad is, well, Super

Super Dad has been especially super lately.

Last night he turned to me and said, “That nursing strike must have really played with your head.”


Did my manly man hubby just attempt to…empathize…with me about…breastfeeding…? Wow. And he not only aimed, he hit the mark. Bulls eye.

Then, this morning he did not have to be in at o’dark thirty. So, he voluntarily took Baby Diva. Then took her for longer than he originally even said he would. Then stuck around a little longer so I could have a guilt-free shower.

And, as a result, I actually felt awake enough to do work. Then, while Baby Diva drank from her sippy cup after lunch, I loaded the dishwasher. I did more work during her next nap. When she woke up, she helped me fold laundry (her help mainly consisted of chewing on a sock and looking cute) and we went for our walk.

I almost feel human.