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Walking with Dinosaurs — LIVE!

My family and I had the opportunity to see Walking with Dinosaurs at Barclays Center for opening night and it was a thrill!

Walking with Dinosaurs Barclays Center

The show is like a natural history museum comes alive and explodes with the crushing force of the jaw of a tyrannosaurus rex.

Walking with Dinosaurs packs brachiosaurus-sized learning into its entertainment. The show begins back in the Triassic, explaining the vegetation, the geology, and the evolutionary developments that allowed dinosaurs to go on to conquer the earth.
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Walking with Dinosaurs Coming to Barclays Center – Opening Night Discount

Walking with Dinosaurs is coming to Barclays Center and I can feel the excitement–or is that a giant tyrannosaurus rex?

Walking with Dinosaurs Barclays Center

My eldest son is a junior paleontologist who has memorized every episode of the BBC “Walking with Dinosaurs” series and I know he is going to be thrilled to see these dinosaurs–moving, roaring, practically breathing–live! And when the people at Barclays Center say, “live,” they mean it! Using advanced animatronics, Walking with Dinosaurs Live creates the illusion that the audience has been transported back in time to witness real, alive dinosaurs hunting, raising their young, and more.

“Ten species are represented from the entire 200 million year reign of the dinosaurs. The show includes the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the terror of the ancient terrain, as well as the Plateosaurus and Liliensternus from the Triassic period, the Stegosaurus and Allosaurus from the Jurassic period and Torosaurus and Utahraptor from the awesome Cretaceous period. The largest of them, the Brachiosaurus is 36 feet tall, and 56 feet from nose to tail. It took a team of 50 – including engineers, fabricators, skin makers, artists and painters, and animatronic experts – a year to build the production.”

Barclays Center is hosting Walking with Dinosaurs Live July 16 – July 20 (9 Total Shows): July 16 at 7PM, July 17 at 7PM, July 18 at 10:30AM & 7PM, July 19 at 11AM, 3PM & 7PM, July 20 at 1PM & 5PM. Tickets are available for $99, $75, $55, $35, with special opening night tickets for just $30 (valid on $55 & $35 price points). Group Ticket discounts of over $20 per ticket are also available for groups of 12+.

Buy Tickets: Tickets for Walking with Dinosaurs at Barclays Center are on sale now and can be purchased online via Ticketmaster or by calling 800-745-3000. For more information about the show, visit:

Walking with Dinosaurs Arena Spectacular

Disclosure: As a member of the press, I am receiving tickets to attend opening night of Walking with Dinosaurs at Barclays Center and share my experiences with you.

Splish Splash Water Park in Calverton, New York (Long Island)

Splish Splash Ride

Although I have lived on Long Island for about 6 years and have been spending summers out here ever since I started dating my husband (almost 15 years ago), this weekend was my first time at Splish Splash Water Park in Calverton, New York, and it was the kids’ first time at a water park. The kids had a blast and it was a great family fun day trip on Long Island. There are a few things we’d probably do differently next time we go so I thought I would share them with you.

We considered going to a water park on our Disney Social Media Moms trip but one of the water parks was closed and we ended up spending so much time in the other parks and at Sea World that we skipped it. So, we promised the kids we would check out Splish Splash when we were back on Long Island.

Splish Splash Ride

Parking and Tickets – Military Discount!

First thing you have to know is that you are going to be shelling out a lot of money. Read more

How hard is it to plan an Easter egg hunt?

I appreciate all the hard work volunteers and paid staff put in to make Holidays special for local kids. I truly do. And I also understand that there are a thousand and one little details that go into making large events a success because I have planned them before myself. So please believe me when I say that I know I am lucky to have so many fun events in my area.

But how hard is it to plan an Easter egg hunt?

One where every kid under five gets at least one egg. One where the parents don’t have to wait on line for an hour.

We went to two Easter egg hunts Easter weekend.

At the first, there were enough eggs for every kid (smart) and staggered times (even smarter) but because you did not sign up for or get assigned a time, you had to get on line and wait and wait and wait. Once we got in, all but one of the eggs were empty. One egg had a sticker to be exchanged for a big basket. The rest of the kids dumped their eggs in a plastic bag (to be reset) and then picked up candy. Even my three year old seemed to think it was a long walk for a short drink of water.

The second Easter egg hunt was supposed to take place at the end of a parade. One area was for the under fours and the other area was for the older children. Except other kids were alread at the egg hunt and when the kids who participated in the parade go there, they had no idea where to go. By the time we got to the under four area, the very few eggs were being snatched up by kids, many of whom appeared to be at least seven, right in front of my daughter’s eyes.

So, in my world, here’s how you do it:

  • The staggered times are great for a festival–but let people take a ticket for their chosen time and then walk around so they don’t miss the rest of the fun.
  • If everyone is going to look for eggs together, then hold the line until people arrive–don’t let some jump the gun before most of the participants have gotten to the area.
  • Put something in each egg.
  • Post clear signs both about the age ranges for the areas and the number of eggs kids should take. There is no reason to let an older kid grab ten eggs when some little kids who actually believe in the Easter Bunny have no eggs.
  • For the littlest ones, let the parents have a two or three eggs to drop right in front of their kids.

Of course, I’m not holding out for better-planned events. We’ll know to bring our own eggs for the kids next time.

But just one, simple request: get a less freaky costume for your Easter bunny. That’s some Donnie Darko stuff right there:

You Say It’s Your Birthday!

The day before my birthday I found out that I won a trip to Lisbon! Yes! To Lisbon! from my new BFF’s VoyageTV thanks to some 140 character Twitter poetry. And yes, I played the married to an Iraqi vet card. A girl desperate for a dream vacation has to do what a girl’s gotta do. You could win, too.

On my actual birthday, my husband found a crafts festival. Yes, I am truly a sucker for a good craft festival. And he bought me this fun, red, enamel, flower cuff bracelet. A little more bold and dramatic than my usual but I think it is fun.

Then, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law showed up to play with the kids. Since Junior actually did not scream his lungs out as soon as I moved two inches away, Captain Commander Dad and I ducked out and went to an adult restaurant! with low lights! ambiance! real china! Sorry for the absurd number of exclamation points but eating out without having to clear a two-foot radius around the baby or answer the preschooler’s questions about how her food “got dead” is truly noteworthy in my life.

And the birthday fun did not stop there! The next day we went out for Indian food, my favorite (although this meal was interrupted by the antics of our children). And today I got to got to another local favorite, the Tea Time cottage, home of delightful tea, delicious scones (I had the seasonal pumpkin raisin), heavenly lavender, friendly goats, and a charming garden with ponds (a perfect place for searching for fairies with a fairy-obsessed preschooler).

Wordless Wednesday: Wonder

Baby, This is Where We Get Our Food…

Before Baby Diva tried her first taste of cheese, she got to find out how we get cheese.

From the supermarket?

Well, yes…but go a little further back in the chain and you’ll find cows, sheep, or…GOATS!!!

Baby Goat

We’ve been visiting for a while and the goat farm has grown a bit over the last few years. In addition to cheese and milk, they now have beauty products and a glass window so you can see them milk the goats.

Making Goat Cheese

The place used to be called Captain Kid’s…they ditched the name, but kept the boat.

Captain Kid's