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Interview with Lorrie Nichols of The Journal of An Army Wife


Lorrie Nichols, who blogs at The Journal of an Army Wife, answered our questions about her life as an Army Wife.

What topics do you write about on your blog?

I generally write about what is going on in life at the moment.  A big part of that is the journey my husband and I are on while he is getting his commission.

Share a favorite post of yours:

Just a Small Setback, I wrote it today after I got the news my husband is coming home from OCS early.  This is just a small setback for us, a bump in the road, but not the end of the road for our journey.

Tell us a little bit about your military spouse journey.

Mike is in the Army National Guard.  He hasn’t been deployed, yet.  He served in the Air Guard for six years, then spent several years as a civilian, and joined the Army Guard last October.  We have been married for 2 1/2 years, but I have only been a military spouse for about 4 months.

What are the challenges of being a military spouse?

Military time doesn’t necessarily coincide with real world time.  It seems we hurry up to get things done, then spend a lot of time waiting.  I don’t always feel like I know what is going on, and when I do, it seems to change.

What are the best parts of being a military spouse?

The pride I feel in my husband and my country.  The people my husband serves with seem like family.

To what extent have blogging and social networking affected the military spouse experience?

It allows you to communicate with people that are going through similar experiences.  I feel so much less lonely.  These are also a way to have some questions answered by people who have lived what you are going through.

If someone you care about was about to marry a military servicemember, what one piece of advice would you give?

Be patient.  The military certainly won’t do things like you would like them to, but it does get done in the end.  Get to know, love, and trust the people that your spouse is with, they are your biggest support and resource.


Thank you, Lorrie!  Please check out Lorrie’s blog where she shares her life as a military spouse, including her husband’s path to getting his commission.  Want to see your interview here, just drop me an e-mail: candace [at] armywiveslives [dot] com!