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Online Shopping Withdrawal

We think we found our house–more about this later.

So, now begins the fun process of a loan. Since Captain Dad is going to be an Assistant District Attorney and I’m a freelancer, we are pretty much priced out of the market, even once we get out of commuting distance from the city.

However, we anticipated this and did build up some savings while he was working for a firm and I was teaching, and then later when we were living in Texas.

However, we decided we wanted to go for a VA loan, anyway…so that we would not eat into our savings all at once.

Sellers around here are not used to VA loans, however, so they still want to see some “money on the table” and they also want a loan “commitment” from the bank, as opposed to just a pre-approval. Apparently the pre-approval and $2 will get you a ride on the NYC subway and that’s about it.

So, to obtain the loan commitment, they are looking at our assets, but especially our “income to debt ratio.” We still have our house in Texas and have yet to rent it out, so that’s a pain. The whole 15 month+ deployments and both major units having overlapping deployments kind of killed real estate in Killeen. However, we have no car loans, no student loans, and no credit card debt…so that is good.

Despite this, we still need to have zero balances on our credit cards to up the balance in our favor. So, every time they kick things back to us for more documentation, we have to pay up our credit cards and hope no automatic payments (like cell phone charges) get deducted in the meantime.

Which means I can’t use my credit card.

Which means cash or check only.

Which means no online shopping.

Luckily the outdoors is free and local!

Be vewwy, vewwy quiet…I’m hunting properties…

The first day of house hunting started out with a bang–or rather a blowout.

With her usual sense of timing, Baby Diva waited until I turned to Captain Dad and said, “Okay, we’re all set to go,” and then let loose…quite literally. I did not even realize it until I picked her up to put her in the car seat and felt she was a little damp. Probably she tipped her sippy cup over, I thought.

Then I saw the deceptively little yellow stain. Like an iceberg, you know what lies underneath is much worse. I cannot understand why what looks like a minor leak from the outside can turn into a full-on mudslide once you open up the diaper. It has been quite a while since we’ve had a diaper buster and this one was a doozy.

We wrestled her onto a changing mat and stripped her down. Captain Dad held a squalling Diva under her arms so she wouldn’t leave a trail, while I used wipe after wipe after wipe to clean her up.

Finally, we really were ready. I should count my luck stars, I suppose, that she didn’t wait until we were in the car and 20 miles from the house.

So, we spent that day and the next looking for a house–raising our price range and lowering our standards, which is to be expected I suppose. We saw too cramped, too much work, and too close to traffic. We also saw two really great properties but we aren’t sure the community is the one for us. If I can’t be in the city, I think I would rather be in a really scenic area.

Everywhere we go, though, we spread the gospel of Baby Diva, welcoming new converts at every stop. They love her pudge and enjoy watching her feed herself small bites of avocado, banana, zucchini, chicken, or tofu. Few people in this area seem to have heard of babywearing, but they love seeing how happy Baby Diva is in her sling. However, at one house, we even met another mother carrying her one year old in a NoJo sling. Yesterday, I got Thai food at a surprisingly delicious little restaurant. So, the journey is as worthwhile as the destination.

The search continues until we find our house, but when you are with the ones you love, you are always home.

Moving Day, Days, Weeks…

After a long exhausting move for me and Baby Diva, and an even longer drive for Captain Dad, we arrived in our temporary residence. Now we are searching for a house to call our own in New York, hopefully for many years to come.

I have been spread even thinner than usual because somewhere on our way to New York, Baby Diva decided that only I could hold her. She is back to allowing Captain Dad to hold her, too–but there were a few days there when I was on 24/7. Her schedule has also gone kaplooie, what with the relatives and th house hunting and whatnot.

Baby Diva is cruising around non-stop and we know she recognizes who “Daddy” is: I asked her to “Hand Daddy the card” on Father’s Day and she was able to do it three times. She also pointed to my furry gentle giant (who adores her) and said, “cat.” She also did this three times. This is the first time I am 100% sure she is connecting a word (besides Mama and Dada) with the concept.

She says “luv, luv, luv” and “I love you,” but I don’t think she knows that they have meaning, just that we react when she says it. So, I guess “cat” is the official first word! Call the grandparents, break out the baby book, alert the media!