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Elf on the Shelf in the Classroom — Yea or Nay?

We don’t have an elf on the shelf mainly because I need another thing to do this holiday season like I need more stuffed animals in my kids’ rooms. I have four kids ages 7 and under. If I can get them all in bed in time to watch an episode of Doctor Who on Netflix, I call it a win. The tooth fairy has almost forgotten her duties several times already and I don’t think an elf of ours would fair much better. Seriously, parents…why do you want to make more messes for you to clean up…do you need more kids? Want to borrow one of mine?

My daughter thinks that if she wishes on a star Santa will send us one. Sorry kid, blame Jiminy Cricket.

Before you call CPS on me, however, my kids will not be deprived of this wacky new tradition because their classrooms have their very own elves.

I was a little surprised to find out that my kid’s class had adopted (is that the proper EotS terminology? I am a newbie at this…) an elf. Let me be clear before I get fried in the flames of the Internet…I said, “surprised,” not “incensed” or even “concerned.”

Elf on the Shelf Classroom

So, I did some research (i.e. I asked my friends on Facebook and looked at the first page of results in a Google search…totally New York Times standards of journalism going on in here).

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Raising a Toddler is Like Having a Drunk Friend…

Raising a toddler is a real trip. It is like having a drunk best friend when you are always sober…possibly a drunk foreign friend given their command of the English language.

This morning, my two year old and I went off to run some errands. On the return trip, he quickly scurried into the back row of the mini van even though his seat is in the middle row.

“Come here sweetie. Help mommy by getting into your seat.”

“I drive car!”

“Sure you do, sweetie. But you can pretend to drive the car from your car seat. We need to be buckled in before we drive.”

Locates green bucket. Places on head. “Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!”

Drunk Toddler Behavior

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Baby’s New Valance Boxes

My father put up Valance Boxes to keep more light out of my light sleeper’s room. And they sat unfinished for a while, but I finally got some fabric and Papa covered the boxes.

Here’s the first window, with a handcrafted puzzle that was made the year I was born and originally was in my room and also a butterfly table I picked up at a crafts fair for my daughter:

The other window, cat purchased separately:

Close up of the valance:

A Haiku

What wakes up baby?
Acorns falling on the roof.
Makes us both cranky.

Angry Woman Hates Children, Writes a Book

So this really angry, bitter woman has children and then writes a book about how she regrets having children, they destroyed her life, and she can find no redeeming value in having birthed them. And it isn’t enough that she feels this way about her own decision–she feels this way about YOURS, too. Apparently, if you think you enjoy being a parent, well you are just delusional, lying, or wrong.

The punchline? She refers to them as whiny, unpleasant, and annoying.

Seriously, who buys these books???

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I Would Be Famous in China….

So, I tried MyHeritage before they had the cool graphic for your blog…and apparently I was Asia. Now that MyHeritage has the fun collage feature (thanks, Plain Jane Mom!), I figured I would try again:

Yup, still Asian. How about this one:

Really Asian.

No more Avril Lavigne or Amrita Rao, the two I actually thought I resembled from before.

So, I tried two photos from when I was pregnant…and apparently that makes me look more white:

And blonde apparently…except when I still look Asian:

How about Baby Diva:

Well, Super Dad and I always joke about her being a descendant of a Mongolian Princess…

Third Tooth

Just wanted to share that Baby Diva has officially cut her third tooth! Now she has two on the bottom and one on top.

I hesitate to say this, but I have actually been surprised at how easily her teeth have been breaking through. We’ve mainly just given her teethers to chew on and the occasional tylenol dose before she goes to sleep.

I’m going to have to start giving her foods with more texture. Time to break out First Meals again.

She’s just getting to be such a big girl. Baby Diva woke up today and I said to Super Dad that I swear she had changed overnight. She just looked bigger (which is actually not that unusual, she’s in the 90th percentile so she’s huge) and her face looked more mature…even her babble sounds more and more like conversation.

Okay, not the most exciting post, but I just wanted to share.