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Project Runway and American Girl

I have been seriously neglecting my recaps this season–Fridays are just very busy days! I couldn’t resist this one, though. The designers are challenged to make outfits inspired by some of American Girl’s classic historical dolls that are part of the BeForever line.

Like many 8 year old girls, my daughter adores American Girl dolls and their stories.

She was considering an sewing camp for making outfits for her American Girl Doll but it conflicted with robotics. I think with a week of sewing lessons, she might have outdone the contestants.

The contestants were assigned dolls and asked to design an updated girls’ outfit, inspired by the doll, her story, her fashions, and her accessories. The designers also had access to fabric from the doll’s designs in addition to their regular trip to Mood.

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What a Doll–Matching Doll and Girl Outfits for the Holidays!

My daughter’s prized possessions are her American Girl Dolls, especially Marie-Grace, her first one and a gift from her aunt.

Although I was not a doll-lover as a child, I have really enjoyed reading about 19th century New Orleans with my daughter and talking about the issues of public health, volunteering, class, race, and friendship raised by the books.

For the past three Christmases, her entire wishlist has come from the American Girl catalog!

My daughter also loves to dress her dolls in both historical and modern fashions and especially enjoys wearing matching outfits.

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