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Beautiful Haiti

The unalleviated suffering of one diminishes the humanity of us all.

At least, that’s what I’ve believed most of my life.

We’ve seen some tragic images in recent days, many of us, including myself and my co-editor at Mamanista have felt compelled to donate to help. I came across this lovely post detailing how you can save to give, even if your budget is tight.

As a history educator, my acquaintance with Haiti to this point has been primarily its difficult and challenging history. Some have used that to argue that Haiti is a lost cause and others to argue for greater compassion. Others, including our President, have pointed to recent improvements and signs of hope that must not be extinguished.

But Haiti is not all violent history and governmental corruption and poverty and environmental degradation and disease. Haiti is also a living and vibrant society. Perhaps if we think of the beauty in Haiti, and its rich cultural heritage, we might be struck more by our shared humanity than just by pity.

In a local village, there is a beautiful gallery of Haitian art. I’ve gone several times with my family to stare at the paintings.

I wanted to share them with you.