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Junior is HERE!

For those who have not made the switch to following my personal life over at Mama Saga, I wanted to let you know that GIANT BABY has made his appearance (click for pics).

I’ve been quiet because I’ve been recovering and working…

More military thoughts, information and ideas to follow on An Army Wife’s Life.

Deployed Fathers and Families Program

Quick note to tell you about a review my co-editor wrote about When Duck Tape Won’t Work (read her review about this video that teaches Dad how to help with Baby).

I wanted to let you know about it because the proceeds support the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI), which aims to promote responsible fatherhood. In addition, through their Deployed Fathers and Families Program, NFI has worked to help families affected by military deployment.

Also, I think the title of the video is freakin’ hilarious.

Party Girl

I know a baby, her name is Party, Party Baby…

Lilah had a big week last week! We never found a baby sitter for her and, at seven months’, she is still almost exclusively nursing. So, where I go, she goes. I think this is part of the military experience because if we lived closer to home, I would be more willing to leave her with one of her grandmothers.

First, Lilah went to an all-ranks Military Ball:

Then she went to a rehearsal dinner:

Then she went to a wedding:

Along the way she picked up many new admirers and turned seven months’ old!!!

Where there’s smoke…

As I type these words, I am blowing my nose, watching my baby, and caring for two cats in the garage, two cats in the house, and two dogs in the yard.

There’s a fire on post, close to a friend’s house, so they are stashing their pets with us for the meantime.

It is also a super-windy day. So, besides the concern that the little weiner dogs could blow away, that doen’t bode well for fire control.

Loki (the big furry cat) seems concerned, but is generally taking this new development in stride. Calypso (the Russian Blue) has been hiding and just came out to low crawl to her food. Hopefully she won’t throw up.

DH is at a bachelor party about 3 hours away overnight.

So, I’m running this three-ringer all by my sick self at the moment.

It isn’t all bad, though, Lilah burst into spontaneous giggles watching the dogs run around the back yard.

Wow…Two and a Half Months!

I am still alive.

I want to thank everyone who has been commenting and visiting.

Every time I went to write, the task of catching up seemed overwhelming. I just had so much on my plate.

DH came home.

Lilah had her operation.

We went to New York–saw family, saw friends, had Lilah baptised, DH interviewed for jobs at various DA’s offices. Oh, yeah. Did I mention? We’re getting out of the military in the early summer. More on this later.

Lilah stopped sleeping well, implementing the Cry Baby Shuffle.

I had a VERY OPPRESSIVE deadline, requiring me to work whenever I was not taking care of Lilah. DH makes a very good Mr. Mom and definitely could have a carrier as a Manny if the law does not work out again post-military.

Well, the Deadline was met. I have other projects, but I’m taking a little break.

Besides enjoying being a Mommy with nothing really hanging over my head, today I went to “mandatory fun” (a welcome home carnival), hung out with my husband, finished a small work project, caught up on e-mail, sent out feelers for a Mommy Group, posted on Spouse Buzz, and started writing (personal projects) again.

And I posted here to say hello again to all of you.

How are you doing?

Lilah Pictures

Some pictures from right before the operation:

In the hospital DH keeping Lilah comfy:

In her hospital gown on her third month birthday (three days after the operation):

And a couple of days after we got home, the (now) obligatory monthly monkey shot (thanks for the awesome idea):


I SHOULD be doing work but I just wanted to share with y’all:

My baby is two months old (as of yesterday). She weighs 12 lbs, 8 oz!!! That’s right–twelve and a half pounds of sweet, sweet pudge. She is 23 inches.

Everywhere we go, doctors and nurses keep asking, “You’re breastfeeding her? And you are JUST breastfeeding her? No supplements at all???”

Lilah did very well at her well baby and THIS doctor actually listened to me and agrees that she is suffering from reflux. Ironically, the doctor Lilah was supposed to see was out and it just so turns out that her PCM (who was not originally on the well-baby schedule) was substituting. This doctor is awesome and she has these beautiful, wild yellow eyes.

As we were waiting for Lilah’s shots, two nurses walked by and said, “There’s a baby over there who looks just like a doll!”

Here’s my “little” doll:

Oh, and here’s a smile:

Smile for the Camera?

I just sent a bunch of videos of Lilah off to DH so he can see her wiggly and happy. Everytime we webcam, she is either eating, fussy, or sleeping.

I also sent out links for a bunch of photos to DH and the fam.

Lilah is smiling at me but everytime I grab the camera, she stops. This is the closest I’ve been able to capture:

Famous Last Words?

Sorry blogging has been light…I have been focusing on blogging on SpouseBuzz the last few days since it is just starting up.

I also have deadlines left and right.

And of course, Lilah…she’s getting so big! She’s been getting really upset after feeding and now something is upsetting her even when she sleeps. So, she has gone from pretty much “sleeping through the night” (one shift of 3-4 hours, followed by a 4-5 hour shift) to waking every 2-3 hours even at night.

Which brings me to the subject of this post.

One day last December, while I was waiting for DH to call me, I told you why we had decided to try for a baby despite his upcoming deployment.

Then, in my last post, I asked if anyone else had deployment babies.

I’m happy to report, I have no regrets.

DH unfortunately missed the birth.

I got more than I bargained for, with Lilah’s heart problem.

I had been hoping my temperament would skip a generation, and she’d be more like her Granny than me in that respect…and of course it didn’t.

It was heart wrenching to hear the simultaneous notes of joy and sadness in DH’s voice when I mentioned that Lilah had started smiling at me.

Still, for all of the exhaustion and absolutely overwhelming ups and downs and the medical issues, we still made the right decision. Being pregnant during the deployment gave me such joy in the middle of a trying time. Lilah keeps me focused on living life in the here and now.

Some commented that their DH’s deployed while the babies were young…I would think that would be even harder! I think you are so strong to have gone through that!

I wish DH could be here to help and to see Lilah smile…but I think I would cry all the time if he were missing her sitting up, her first solids, her crawling, her first steps.

A good friend here has a son who is almost three and just gave birth last month. Both times she got pregnant by accident right before her husband left. He missed the first birth but was home on leave for the second.

For those like her who went through it twice, and had a toddler at home while pregnant (and possibly even giving birth and having an infant) while your DH was deployed…all I can say is God Bless You!!!

Yes, I Know…I'm Supposed to Be Sleeping

Lilah’s asleep so I thought I would make a quick post to let you all know that I haven’t been committed to an asylum or jailed for throttling a patient appointments line operator.

DH finally caught me on IM and, after five tries, he was able to see me and Lilah on webcam!

Anyway, I’m curious…how many others out there have had deployment babies? How many people out there think they would never intentionally have a baby during their husband’s deployment? Just curious!