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Elf on the Shelf in the Classroom — Yea or Nay?

We don’t have an elf on the shelf mainly because I need another thing to do this holiday season like I need more stuffed animals in my kids’ rooms. I have four kids ages 7 and under. If I can get them all in bed in time to watch an episode of Doctor Who on Netflix, I call it a win. The tooth fairy has almost forgotten her duties several times already and I don’t think an elf of ours would fair much better. Seriously, parents…why do you want to make more messes for you to clean up…do you need more kids? Want to borrow one of mine?

My daughter thinks that if she wishes on a star Santa will send us one. Sorry kid, blame Jiminy Cricket.

Before you call CPS on me, however, my kids will not be deprived of this wacky new tradition because their classrooms have their very own elves.

I was a little surprised to find out that my kid’s class had adopted (is that the proper EotS terminology? I am a newbie at this…) an elf. Let me be clear before I get fried in the flames of the Internet…I said, “surprised,” not “incensed” or even “concerned.”

So, I did some research (i.e. I asked my friends on Facebook and looked at the first page of results in a Google search…totally New York Times standards of journalism going on in here).

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Mrs. Claus Must Be a Military Wife

I first published this post in 2005 on this blog and then in a local paper.  In 2007, I sold a revised version to Military Spouse Magazine (10 Reasons Why Mrs. Clause Must Be a Military Spouse - typo NOT mine) and a friend of mine let me know recently that it is online.

I thought I’d re-print the original and link to the “Top Ten List” version…hope you enjoy!

— Mrs. Claus Must Be a Military Wife –

After deep consideration, I’ve determined that Mrs. Claus must be a Military Wife.

Defined to the general public by her husband’s job, Mrs. Claus works tirelessly to encourage Santa. In songs, films, and storybooks, Mrs. Claus is rarely mentioned and, when she is, she takes a back seat to Santa.

We military wives know, though, that she is so much more!

Obviously, Mrs. Claus has a kind heart and a soft spot for children and animals.

When Santa is off flying around the globe, she keeps her concerns and tears to herself–although we all know she has more than her fair share of grey hairs!

While Santa is gone, Mrs. Claus keeps the home fires burning. She supports her husband’s mission and looks out for all of the elves. Perhaps she even leads a support group of some sort.

Even when Santa is home, he is so busy at work that Mrs. Claus hardly sees him. Mrs. Claus understands that though she may be last on Santa’s schedule, she is first in his heart. Despite Santa’s workaholic schedule and regular absenses, Santa and the Mrs. are still very much in love.

Santa’s salary is not published, but I suspect Mrs. Claus clips coupons to support a household of hundreds of elves and eight reindeer (plus the new addition–Rudolph) and let’s not even start on her heating bill!

To stay busy, I bet Mrs. Claus pitches in with the toy making (although it really is someone else’s job), bakes hundreds of cookies (we all know how Santa feels about cookies), and volunteers her time (she is just as generous as her husband).

Since I feel like I know Mrs. Claus, I would hazard a guess that she has a paying job, too, to take her mind off of her husband’s safety and to help with the bills. Although we know her for her kindness, Mrs. Claus is smart, independent, and a self-starter. However, since she has to work seasonally and values family life above all else, I doubt this job fully uses her considerable skills and training.

Although her husband has a dangerous job that takes him away from his family and that he does selflessly, with little compensation, Mrs. Claus focuses on the positive.

Mrs. Claus is married to a real life hero, after all, and she is surrounded by love and good will.

Given all of this, I am sure Mrs. Claus is one of us…

…We who also serve–the military wives.

And do not forget the most convincing evidence–who else but a military wife would follow her husband to the freakin’ North Pole!?!?!?

You have permission to pass around if you credit me (Candace Lindemann at http://ArmyWivesLives.com) and link to this post. Feel free to add to my list in the comments section.