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Set Sail on a (Disney) Dream!

Before my husband and I had children, we traveled a lot. Not through the military, though–we only ever got posted at Fort Hood! True, Texas is like a whole other country, and we had a great time visiting San Antonio and Austin, but I was hoping for Germany, Italy, Japan, or even Korea.

Now that we have two young children (with a third on the way) and my husband has a civilian job as well his National Guard commitments, it is getting harder and harder to find the money and the time to make vacations happen.  I was lucky enough to win a trip to Portugal on Twitter, courtesy of Voyage.TV, and we took a family road trip last summer down to Savannah.  Back in October, I mentioned that I would love to go on a cruise with my family.

Well…when you wish upon a star…

Disney Cruise Lines invited me through my “parenting lifestyle blog”, Mamanista, to be their guest on the inaugural Christening Cruise of the Disney Dream!

This will be our first cruise with the kids, and our first time at Disney with the kids, and we are all extremely excited.

The Disney Dream is the majestic third ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet. Boasting 14 towering decks, a ship length of 1,115 feet and a maximum width of 125 feet, the 130,000-ton vessel includes 1,250 staterooms and has the capacity to comfortably accommodate 4,000 passengers—along with the over 1,458 Crew Members who tend to the needs of every cruise Guest each and every day.

Building on the classic style of the previous 2 ships, the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder, the Disney Dream is a valiant vessel distinguished for its classic early 20th-century design—which harkens back to the golden age of cruising—and state-of-the-art technology. As can be expected from Disney, the cruise liner was specially designed with families in mind, combining sleek style and convenient facilities with splashes of magic and cruise-industry firsts—like the splashtacular AquaDuck, the very first water coaster at sea.

My husband and I never had a “baby moon” since he was deployed to Iraq for all but the essential part of the pregnancy (I found out I was pregnant two days after he left). Having two kids, now, I know that it isn’t just the first baby that changes the family dynamic. So, it will be really wonderful to take a special trip with our two little ones before the new baby arrives.

And my husband and I may even get some time to ourselves since there is a nursery and youth clubs.

We will also be spending some time at the parks before and after the cruise.

Disney is putting us up the day before the cruise but before and after we will be staying at Shades of Green, an Armed Forces Recreation Center.  We are looking forward to checking out this special perk for servicemembers and their families!

I’ve already downloaded some map and wait-time applications for my phone and welcome any suggestions or tips for Disney Cruises or tips for what to do at the park!