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Baby Diva Debuts

Baby Diva knows how to make an entrance.

Warning: If you have never given birth before, you may want to skip this post.

At 2:30 am on the 8th, I awoke, feeling “kinda funny.” Then I felt “kinda wet.” Then I felt REALLY WET.

A week ago, I had found out Baby Diva was in the transverse lie position…meaning she was across my uterus instead of head down, or even butt down. Laboring in that position is unsafe, and having your water break in that position is downright dangerous, so I had an appointment to attempt to turn Baby Diva the following day.

Obviously I was never going to make that appointment.

Super Dad was still on his way home for leave from the Sandbox (Iraq) and my mom was not due in from New York for about 12 hours. So, my friend graciously picked me up at 2:30 am on the 8th.

Three doctors consulted because they were not sure if Baby Diva was still transverse or not. Meanwhile, a nurse tried to get an IV in me and I refused. I wanted a hep lock. She kept saying–but when you have a c-section…I kept saying, but that is not certain yet.

Finally, they decided Baby Diva was a little twisted, but head down enough to proceed.

They allowed me to labor for about 8 hours but I was not making any progress at all–in fact I went backwards. With the water broken they urged pictocin. They put it all the way up and I handled it for about 2 hrs. I tried to play my hypnobirthing tapes but they kept interrupting any relaxation I was able to achieve. When they said it was going to still be a long while, I went for the epidural.

My mom was delayed at the airport–she was due in that day at noon! She arrived just as they were prepping me for the epidural.

Then we started to make progress…but I developed an infection, and the contractions stopped really working. With the epidural wearing off and pushing past the 24 hour mark, I still managed to get her out. I told the midwife there was no way I was having a c-section after 24 hours of labor!!! (OF course if it had been life or death I would have–but other than that I was determined.)

Baby Diva was born on August 9, 2:38 am, and was 7 lbs, 2 oz, 19.5 in. I have never felt so perfectly warm and wonderful as when they placed her on my chest.

Over the next two days, the doctors came to me with increasingly worrisome reports about Baby Diva having a heart murmur. Finally, they decided to transfer her to San Antonio…but at the last minute decided it would be safe for me and my mother to drive her down so I could continue to breastfeed her along the way.

At San Antonio we discovered that she has a condition known as Tetralogy of Fallot, which will require surgery sometime between 3-6 mos. Later is better as she will be stronger.

In the meantime, Lilah is behaving like any newborn–I just have to keep her extra calm and take exra germ precautions.

Some of the scariest words I have heard now include:

“And she will require open-heart surgery.”

“Try your best to keep her calm. If she cries, she may turn blue.”

“Here is the 24 hour pager for when she turns blue.”

Super Dad was able to hear Baby Diva’s first cries on the phone and arrived back home for leave the day after our San Antonio trip.